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Trey’s Women’s Wrestling Roundabout: Sabotage Edition

Sabotage Wrestling

Coming up next weekend, Sabotage Wrestling, a primarily women’s wrestling federation formed in 2016, will be hosting their third show – this time in Austin, Texas.

I wanted to take this column to talk Sabotage and women’s wrestling with Sabotage promoter Brian Cervantes.

Trey: Brian, thanks for taking the time to sit down with me – I got into Sabotage once I heard friend of the column Ray Lyn had wrestling at your first event. Ray Lyn was a huge favorite of myself and many others during her time in Western Pennsylvania – so first off a shout out to her.

That being said, tell me a little bit about how you feel your debut event in October of 2016 went? – some great talent on that card including such hot up and coming talent like Raze, Shotzi Blackheart, Delilah Doom, Sage Sin, Ray Lyn, Thunder Rosa, Holidead, Heather Monroe, and perhaps one of the top unsigned wrestlers out there – Taya Valkyrie.

Brian: The first Sabotage event was pretty special since we had a little over a month to get the whole thing together. We were very fortunate to get some of the talent that we did having women from Japan, Mexico, and Canada which made it very special. We were also very happy with how all the matches turned out for the show considering all the matches where first time match ups.

Trey: Your next event had a unique tournament to crown the first Sabotage champion – which was won by Delilah Doom (it seems that Delilah and Shotzi are picking up all the women’s titles these days) – that event got even more coverage and with a champion selected further established your brand.

Brian: Yes the tournament was a random drawing of a group of 4 women and then we let the fans decide who would be the teams. So some of the pairings were pretty odd, and a lot of the teams ended up coming up with Tag Team names for themselves. (DoomBuggy, RazeCray) The first two rounds where Tag Matches and the final round being a fatal 4 way for the Sabotage Title. We felt we needed a Title to help establish ourselves. Having Delilah win the title was pretty special and since then she has been on a roll and picking up other titles.

Trey: Now you are taking your federation on the road, all the way to Austin, Texas (coincidentally, it seems that both you and myself are from Texas) – outside of it being our home state – why Texas? Was this just a way for you to expense off some Whataburgers?

Brian: No it’s not about getting to eat some Whataburgers but I’m sure I’ll get a few. The biggest reason for Texas is to expand the brand and more Importantly is to get the women more exposure and introduce them to new areas and hope that gets them seen by more promoters who will end up getting them more work. I have stated this many times that I feel that women West of the Mississippi don’t get noticed or get quite as much exposure as the women on the East Coast. What better way to help with that than then to travel. Our first show we had 3 women from Texas on our show and most of our fans in California had never heard of them and now they talk about them all the time. Now we want to do the same for the women in California for Texas. It’s all about helping all of the women working for Sabotage to help expand and grow.

Trey: I’d like to talk about some of the Sabotage 3, “She’s Crafty” matches now….

In a Loser Leaves Twerk match – we have Heather Monroe vs Ray Lyn – I know these two had a twerk off at your second event if I remember correctly – and I’ve seen Ray Lyn wrestle (and twerk) on more than one occasion so my bias is kicking in and I’ve got Ray Lyn winning this one….thoughts?

Brian: This is also a match i am really looking forward to because I think these two have unlimited potential. A very cool story about Ray Lyn is I used to follow her over Social Media and I saw that she was going to make the move out to California but we had already booked our first Sabotage show. I told her you should come out to the show and check it out and she came and I ended up using her in a match and she has been a part of Sabotage ever since. So like they say show up and always bring your gear and you never know what can happen. As far as a winner goes for this match up it’s to close to call for me.

Trey: Shotzi Blackheart – who again seems to be collecting titles everywhere – faces a very game Kat Green – do you think this match cements one of these women as the #1 contender to the Sabotage title?

Brian: Yes Shotzi Blackheart is on a roll with her currently holding the Phoenix of Rise Title, Easy Bay Pro Women’s Title, and the Lady Luck Gold Rush Title. It would appear that she is Unstoppable at the moment. However I’m sure Kat Green who is coming back from Injury recently has something to say about that. I have also been following Kat Green’s journey for a few years now and seen her struggle and I know she would like nothing better than to put herself as being the one that everybody is talking about. The best way for her to do that is stop Shotzi and have everybody talking about her then. I’m sure who ever comes out on top of this match up will most likely put themselves in that #1 Contender’s conversation.

twistedTrey: In an intergender tag team match I see you got Holidead and Thunder Rosa aka the Twisted Sisterz taking on Extra Talented-ed – I definitely think the Sisterz are a tag team that can take on men or women and always stand a chance to win and I think you feel the same?

Brian: Yes the Twisted Sisterz don’t care if they face women or men they just want to fight! And this fight is for the New Sabotage Tag Team Championships. These two teams have never faced each other but you would never know that based on their battle over Social Media. This match-up has the potential of stealing the whole show. Extra Talented-Ed having been killing it in Texas and the Twisted Sisterz have been red hot so who knows what’s going to take place in this matchup!

Trey: What is the Weird City Warfare match? I notice some Oklahoma wrestlers like Skylar Slice and Killista Deva that I am familiar with are in this match.

Brian: This is the match i personally am looking forward to the most. We have 9 participants Angel Blue, Christi Jaynes, Allie Kat, Baby D, Skylar Slice, Killista Deva, Phoebe Sf Treat, Ruby Raze, and Kaitlin Diemond. We start the match with two women and then another women will enter every 3 minutes. The only way to eliminate your opponent is by pinfall or submission in the ring. So think Royal Rumble meets Aztec Warfare. This match will depend on the order that the participants enter. Enter 1st and it could take you over 20 minutes to have a chance to even win this match. So this will be a mix of talent as much as being able to just survive. Who ever wins this match will be the New #1 Contender for sure!

Delilah Doom vs Trey: In the main event Erica Torres w/Donovan Troi takes on Delilah Doom. A tough first title defense for Doom to be sure….especially with the scheming Troi at ringside.

Brian: Donovan Troi has been saying for 3 Months that Delilah Doom is not worthy of the Sabotage Championship and he has hand picked someone he refers to as his Queen, Erica Torres to take that belt away from her. I’m sure Delilah would love to shut Donovan up for good and show him and any other doubters that she is more than worthy to hold the title. Erica Torres is someone who is hell bent on making Delilah her loyal servant. So this is a classic battle of good vs evil for sure. I’m hoping that Delilah can stay focused on Erica and not on Donovan Troi because if she is not able to I can see Erica walking out of She’s Crafty with that Heavy Weight Title.

Trey: What is your short term and long term vision for Sabotage?

Brian: Short Term goal is just to expand the brand and introduce as many fans as possible to the great talent that we have here on the West Coast.

Long Term goal is tricky because if we get these women recognized hopefully they get noticed enough and get signed to bigger and better things. I’m sure we have some talent that won’t be available to us for that long. Another goal is to travel to as many cities to expose the talent to as many fans as possible!

I’d like to thank Brian for taking the time to answer these questions and wish him all the luck in building this promotion. For ticket information if you happen to be in the Austin area or traveling to the Austin area this upcoming weekend – you can purchase tickets at this link.

You can follow Sabotage on the following social mediums:
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