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Trey’s Women’s Wrestling Roundabout – WrestleMania Edition

taya vs su

Hello again, aiming to publish this after I go to Girl’s Night Out, which you’ll be able to read my recap at my wrestling blog Breaking Treyfabe if you haven’t already but you probably most certainly already have…..RIGHT?!?!!? (bloggers have bigger egos than wrestlers, little known fact) – if you haven’t, check it out here before going any further 

shimmer 91Today’s column is going to focus on one thing – WrestleMania weekend shows in Orlando – not including the WWE related shows because they don’t need my support – I’m an indy wrestling blogger dammit!!!

Do remember – all cards subject to change:

  • On April 1st at 12pm EST we’ve got our favorite women’s fed, SHIMMER, hosting a show that will be featuring the already announced SHIMMER champion Mercedes Martinez, Tessa Blanchard, Mia Yim, Candice LeRae, Leva Bates, Jessicka Havok, Shayna Baszler, Veda Scott, LuFisto, and more…some match announcements include
    • Mercedes defending her title against LeRae
    • Baszler taking on Santana Garrett
    • Dulce Garcia vs Kellyanne
  • I’ll be watching that one on ippv for sure…make sure to follow SHIMMER at @SHIMMERwomen for more details
  • WWN Supershow Mercury Rising: EVOLVE vs PROGRESS - Taya Valkyrie vs Su YungAlso on April 1st, at 8pm EST, there will be a SHINE title match at the WWN Supershow Mercury Rising: EVOLVE vs PROGRESS, as Lufisto will defend her title against Su Yung in what will be a violent affair – find out more at – it will be streamed on FloSlam I believe
  • Beyond Wrestling has a card at 11:55pm EST on April 1st that looks to have on it Lufisto as well as the Janelope (Joey Janela and Penelope Ford) Open Challenge – would be very interested to see who takes that challenge – find out more by following @beyondwrestling
  • Backing up to Thursday, March 30th – Joey Janela’s Spring Break looks to be the early favorite for event of the weekend, no disrespect to all the other companies but c’mon!  Some of the matches featuring women’s wrestlers include:
    • Andy Williams and Penelope Ford against Braxton Sutter and that homewrecker Allie whose recent actions caused the heartbreak of America’s sweetheart Laurel Van Ness
    • A Clusterf&%# match that features Crazy Boy, Jon Silver, Dink, Jervis Cottonbelly, Flip Gordon, Bryan Idol, friggin’ Glacier!, Jimmy Lloyd, all ego Ethan Page, and neon ninja Facade and the woman who will need all of her lives to get through this one – Veda Scott!  I’ve got Veda taking this one!
  • janelopeFind out more about this event by following the sheer insanity that is Joey Janela @JANELABABY – oh boy…
  • It seems the Hardy’s are getting in on Mania weekend as well, hosting the first ever Broken Tailgate – Aria Blake is scheduled to appear – just keep an eye on the #BROKENTAILGATE hashtag for more info on this affair – this will run on Sunday, April 2nd
  • CHIKARA has some shows Mania weekend, matches not announced yet, I’m sure they’ll get some women on their cards so stay tuned to their website
  • Ring of Honor has a huge show on April 1st as well – with Women of Honor to be featured – haven’t seen any match announcements but scheduled to appear are CMLL luchadoras La Amapola and Marcela, Kelly Klein, Mandy Leon, Deonna Purrazzo, Sumie Sakai, Jenny Rose, and Faye Jackson – find out more at
  • April 1st is just going to be a busy day, as there will be a WrestleCon Women’s Supershow at 4pm, some of the scheduled matches include –
    • Thunder Rosa vs Indi Hartwell
    • The Lucha Sisters of my bae Leva Bates and Mia Yim vs Sexy Young Caramels vs the Fella Twins
    • Rachael Ellering and Tessa Blanchard vs Allie and Alexxis
    • Taya Valkyrie vs Su Yung in what may be the best women’s match of the weekend not named Mercedes vs Candice
    • Jazz  vs Kennadi Brink
    • Jessicka Havok vs Kellyanne
    • Angel Rose vs Solo Darling vs Samantha Heights vs Renee Michelle
    • Deonna Purrazzo vs Hudson Envy in what will be up there with the best matches of the weekend – I’m a huge fan of both of these wrestlers
    • And a few more matches to be named (Taeler Hendrix was named on this card but she recently got injured and more than likely will not be in the ring)
    • Find out more at
  • So yeah, I am sure I am missing some events – but this will get you started I hope – if you are a women’s wrestler or run a fed that has women’s wrestling on your card and want to be included in future columns – please reach out to me @treygar on the Twitter
  • In my next column I’m going to talk more about the big waves that RISE and GAIN are making on the wrestling scene, as well as talking some about the overlooked West Coast women’s wrestling scene – especially what them fine folks at Sabotage and AWS have been up to
  • Be sure to check out what has to offer in terms of digital downloads, dvd releases, and more – including the only place where you can get this column
  • Until next time, be sure to support your indy feds and support the evolution of women’s wrestling (totally stole the evolution line off of Mercedes and LuFisto, respect)