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RISE 3 Preview/Interview with Kevin Harvey

angel shotzi

For those who follow my Breaking TreyFabe blog – you would have seen my preview and review blogs of RISE 1, held in Berwyn, Illinois last November as part of SHIMMER weekend.  RISE was created by Kevin Harvey, if you’ve ever met Kevin at an event you know he has an infectious and energetic personality – and his love for wrestling shines bright.  

RISE is about to hold its third event, again ahead of a SHIMMER weekend, on Friday July 7th.  I was able to talk RISE and SHIMMER with Kevin – here is a transcript of our interview.  


Good day Kevin, thanks for taking the time to talk with me.


A few questions ahead of RISE/SHIMMER weekend.


kev harveyTrey:  First, the seminar itself…you have always made sure to grab top talent to help train and offer advice to the future of women’s wrestling – and the RISE 3 seminar is no different.  What do you think Tom Pritchard brings to the table?


Kevin:  There are few, if any trainers in the world with a better body of work than Dr. Tom Prichard. For nearly 20 years, he either headed or was heavily involved in every incarnation of WWE’s Developmental Systems. Virtually every top star in the industry since 1996 has in some way been trained or influenced by Dr. Tom.


Dr. Tom was originally what I thought would be more of a “pie in the sky, wishful thinking” facilitator we could bring in a few years down the road. I was lucky enough to be put in contact with him before RISE 1 ever occurred and I am THRILLED to have him involved. It is my hope that Dr. Tom will have ongoing involvement in what we do as well as we grow in the back half of 2017 and into 2018.


Fun fact – Tom Pritchard went to high school with my parents and was a classmate of my uncles – so there is a Six Degrees of Trey at play at RISE 3.


Trey:  Now into some of the matches –

rise shimmer

Delilah Doom vs Rosemary – this match has been brewing for a bit.  Delilah is out for revenge but being out for revenge against Rosemary is not a small task.


Kevin:  “The Demon Assassin” has had profound influence through RISE 2 and GAIN 1 (our co-ed companion product where stories of RISE also continue and evolve). Delilah is unlike anyone else on the scene and has an energy and presence that endears her to our fans. How will this affect Rosemary? And will Delilah only be taking on one demon July 7 with “The Decayed Angel” Zoey (aka Angel Dust) also on the premises?


Trey:  Hudson Envy open contract – does Hudson have her eye on anyone in particular or is she going to be scouting the seminar for who she wants as her next victim?


Kevin:  Hudson does not have her eye on any one person…yet. She specifically asked for her travel to be arranged so she could watch every second of the Seminar to scout the aspiring wrestlers within it and make her choice.


Trey:  Fire and Nice open contract – more on Fire and Nice later – but what I do like about RISE, and I know it must be hard – is that you have made a concerted effort to build some tag matches – especially at RISE 1 when the Buru Death Squad was formed.


Kevin:  Our focus on new tag teams continues with RISE 3. We promise to debut at least one new tag team in this match.


Trey:  Speaking of the Death Squad – Fallen Flower Kikyo has an open contract match as well – perhaps she will choose someone from the East Coast ahead of her cross country move there?


Kevin:  Kikyo, like Hudson, will be watching the Seminar very intently.

Trey:  Deonna Purrazzo vs former SHIMMER champion may end up being match of the night, no disrespect to the main event – but Purrazzo has been the East Coast version of Shotzi this past year in that she has kicked ass and collected belts everywhere she has gone – I’m looking for her to make a statement not only at RISE but perhaps also at SHIMMER as well.


Kevin:  And there is more to Deonna’s motivation for being here, and very soon everyone will all find out. Her opponent is not a coincidence. She asked for a specific opponent and we were fortunate enough to make that happen for her.


Update – since this interview was held it was announced the Deonna’s opponent will be none other than SHIMMER original and former two-time SHIMMER champion Cheerleader Melissa


Trey:  Shotzi Blackheart vs Angel Dust – dog collar match – not going to lie, I am a bit biased as Dust wrestles out of the region I currently live, but I’ll give Shotzi all the credit in the world for winning the Phoenix of RISE title in Dust’s territory – this may turn out to be the most brutal RISE match since Saraya schooled Brink at RISE 1.


Kevin:  I’ve said it many times in many places, but these two personify why RISE exists. Though they are from different ends of the spectrum in almost every measurable way, these two changed the way I looked at RISE. They changed the way we all looked at the potential for what RISE can bring to SHIMMER.


This will not be for the faint of heart. These two have had very physical confrontations as the feud for The Phoenix of RISE Championship in many states and promotions. Giving them spiked collars and 15’ of steel chain will add a whole new dimension to this already emotionally charged feud.


Trey:  Now, given that I have been at both events where the Phoenix of RISE title has changed hands, and since I am not going to be at RISE 3, you know you can’t have any title changes right?  


Kevin:  That’s in the hands of the two women in the ring.


Trey:  Fair enough.  Now, no RISE would be complete without a prospective talent pool – I see that some familiar faces from past seminars are signed up such as Angie Skye, Stacy Shadows and Sierra out of Milwaukee, Savannah Evans, Paloma Starr, The Duchess Ayzali and others – surely this makes you happy knowing that you are bringing a value and opportunity to women that are trying to advance their skills and careers?


Kevin:  To know where this idea was a year ago (non-existent) to where it is by July 7 is so great to see. To see so many people investing in themselves to be better for all of wrestling has been humbling. After July 7, over 100 people will have taken part in our development programs between RISE, GAIN and VOICE.


As a business man, obviously that makes me happy. More importantly as a man devoted to keeping wrestling alive and driving the talent in it to do bigger and better things, I’m elated.


Trey:  Outside of Brittany Blake and Skylar Slice (Skylar being from my former region all the way in Oklahoma), I really am not familiar with any of the newcomers, but I see you got some coming from all the way in Australia to this seminar – which is great.  I recently did an interview with Brian Cervantes from Sabotage on the West Coast – and he said that in a way the West Coast women’s wrestling scene is being overlooked, though Sabotage is slowly changing that – it seems that RISE is literally getting talent from around the world and that is a great step I think in the growing women’s wrestling scene – so just wanted to point that out.  I know in Skylar’s case for instant she has but a handful of women to face so this is some great exposure to other habits and styles for her.


Kevin:  That’s why we exist. Those we select from our Seminars to be on our Live Events will not be put into “same old, same old” situations. If the point is to learn and grow, we cannot cultivate that by putting two people who drive in together in the ring as opponents for the 100th time.


Trey:  Lastly, a few questions about the SHIMMER events if you have the time –


I said I would bring up Fire and Nice again, and I told Chelsea Green at an event here in Pittsburgh a few months back that I think her and Britt Baker have the makings of being future SHIMMER tag team champions, possibly as soon as the July events – any thoughts on that?


Kevin:  I love everything about Fire and Nice. I would love to see them continue to grow together as a team and find great success.


Trey:  Lastly, though I have been a fan of women’s wrestling since I first saw Leilani Kai face off against Wendi Richter when I was but a youngster – I really started getting into women’s wrestling when I purchased the Heart of Shimmer tournament live stream – at which point I became a huge fan of Nicole Savoy.  How exciting will it be to see Nicole back in the ring suplexing foes left and right?


Kevin:  Savoy being back as an active wrestler is exciting…and scary. We’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg from her. Anyone who follows her on social media that she has taken her supposed downtime and trained non-stop and harder than ever. She will not be the same Nicole Savoy she was before the injury. She’s bigger, she’s faster, she’s stronger. She’s dangerous.


Thanks for your time, I wish you a successful weekend, and hope to see you at some of the fall shows.


For more info on all things RISE related (as well as other projects in the PIPELINE family including GAIN and VOICE) – start by checking out their website


Make sure to purchase/download past events and if you can make it to the Chicago area next weekend I highly suggest making it to the Berwyn Eagles Club on Friday, July 12th.  Tickets can be purchased at the above mentioned website.  Front row is sold out, second row and general admission are going fast.


Follow all things RISE related on Twitter @RISEdtwa and Kevin’s account at @KevinHarveyWPWC


While you are in Chicago, tickets are still available for SHIMMER weekend – for my money the best wrestling weekend you will find on the planet and I’m sick that I can’t make this – all info can be found at


Already confirmed to participate at SHIMMER will be SHIMMER Champion Mercedes Martinez, Heart of SHIMMER Nicole Savoy, SHIMMER tag team champions Tessa Blanchard and Vanessa Kraven, a returning Madison Eagles, Nicole Matthews, Mia Yim, Kay Lee Ray, Saraya Knight, LuFisto, Jessicka Havok, Shayna Baszler, Courtney Rush, Leva Bates, Shazza McKenzie, a returning Ashley Lane (aka Madison Rayne), Cherry Bomb, Cat Power, Nevaeh, Allysin Kay, Veda Scott, Hudson Envy, Samantha Heights, KC Spinelli, Taeler Hendrix, Thunderkitty, Shotzi Blackheart, Angel Dust, Britt Baker, Chelsea Green, Delilah Doom, Deonna Purrazzo, Solo Darling…and more!


Now there is no way to predict what will happen at SHIMMER, but those who follow my indy blogs know I like kicking out some predictions (and those who hung with me last SHIMMER tapings know that I was dead on with some of my picks).  So just some fun comments to end this column as far as what I think will happen and what I’d like to see:


  • Britt Baker and Chelsea Green to win the tag team belts from Tessa Blanchard and Vanessa Kraven
  • Madison Eagles to defeat Mercedes Martinez….by countout…Mercedes to retain her title all weekend, Trifecta style
  • LuFisto vs Savoy for the Heart of SHIMMER title would be fun to watch
  • Wouldn’t mind seeing a Taeler Hendrix / Thunderkitty rubber match
  • End of day, matching up any of these great wrestlers against one another will be a treat but by no means should they book Leva Bates vs Cat Power because I adore both way too much and having to choose in a match between the two would cause me to implode


Thanks for reading – if you are a wrestler and looking for a fun podcast to be on, please shoot us a line at @MayhemShow – past guests include several on the RISE/SHIMMER roster including Britt Baker, Delilah Doom, Angel Dust, Fallen Flower Kikyo, and many other wrestlers, announcers, referees, and personalities on the independent wrestling scene.  Check out past interviews here –


Thanks for reading, and enjoy the wrestling.



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Trey Reviews: IWC Sixteen!


Trey Garcia is a pro wrestling blogger that focuses on the greater Pittsburgh scene and women’s wrestling.  Check out his blog at Breaking Treyfabe.


Was unable to make it out to International Wrestling Cartel’s IWC Sixteen event, but thanks to our pals at Sorgatron Media, I am able to do a quick DVD review of the event for you all.


  • On commentary the first few matches is manager BC Steele and Joe Dombrowski.  Dombrowski is always good to have on commentary for anyone who is not familiar with the history of IWC.  On this DVD in particular I was able to learn all sorts of things I’ve never learned, having only been watching IWC for the past three years.
  • In the opening match Jack Pollock defeated Suge D via pin….it took Pollock’s stablemates RC Dupree and Jaxon Argos holding Suge D’s legs for Pollock to get the victory, nice fast paced opening match.
  • Next out was J Rocc who took the microphone and gave a good history lesson of IWC before issuing an open challenge.
  • Jami Jameson and Marshall the Bull came out and attacked J Rocc until Shane InYaFace arrived for the save….this turned it into a tag match of J Rocc and Shane vs. Jameson and Marshall.  Jameson gets a rollup on Shane for the pin in a great match which saw Air J Rocc and Air Shane
  • J Rocc blows up after the loss and leaves the ring.
  • Marshall took the microphone (seasoned IWC vets got solid mic time at this anniversary event) and gave a good speech to Shane and Jami in regards to being part of the future of IWC.  Marshall then chose Jami as his partner until he retires, causing Jami to clothesline Shane.  Perhaps this sets up a future match between Shane and Jami down the line which would be fantastic.
  • In a four way tag team scramble, it was The Upper Echelon vs Team Storm vs Remy Lavey and Keith Haught vs The Mega Plowers.
  • Suge D was now on commentary for this match, replacing BC Steele.  As an aside I’d like to mention that the ring announcers were the always on point Big D Dave Kich and the young announcing superstar discovered by Dan Hooven, Nick Lendl.
  • Dombrowski admitted during this match that he never gets invited to IWC promoter Justin Plummer’s production meetings.
  • A lot happened during this match, some highlights
    • Samson countered Argos’ JaXon Five move with the Dab Elbow
    • The Sexy Talented Dude’s came out to brawl for a bit, probably upset they weren’t in this match
    • JaXon got tossed around by just about everyone
    • Air Jock returned to the Court Time Sports Center and I’ve never been so happy
    • Magnum CK of the Plowers powerbombed Colby Redd of the Echelon for the pin


  • Next up was the Super Indy title match of Big League John McChesney w/Dan Hooven vs champion Chris LeRusso w/Bulk Nasty and BC Steele – lots going on in this match as well, some highlights include
    • Bulk creamed Hooven outside the ring after Hooven broke up an illegal LeRusso pin attempt
    • Superplex off the top rope by Big League
    • Bc and Bulk break up a McChesney pin attempt, Hooven low blows Steele, Mcchesney superkicked Bulk but then LeRusso superkicked McChesney
    • After four consecutive two counts between the both, LeRusso with a schoolboy and he holds onto the middle rope to get the pin on McChesney
    • Big league demands a rematch with LeRusso with a competent referee


  • In an IWC Tag Team championship match, it was champions The Fraternity vs Flippin Ain’t Easy – Gory and Facade
  • Facade and Gory entered the ring swinging down from the rafters – per commentary they are former IWC tag champs, the second longest reign of tag champs in IWC history
  • BC Steele was back on commentary
  • Some highlights of the tag match
    • Facade with a nice tightrope walk
    • Facade seemed to lose his footing and landed wrong on a few of his high flying maneuver attempts, I’m wondering if perhaps The Fraternity sabotaged the ropes by greasing them up with beer or some other substance
    • Facade and Gory tried the Buddy Moonsault but had alcohol thrown in their eyes by Channing Decker, so Trent Gibson got the pin on Facade to retain their titles
    • After the match the Hardy’s appeared on the big screen and cut a promo on the Fraternity, reminding them that they would be seeing them at IWC’s Night of the Superstars


  • Justin Plummer came out with the microphone to announce Ricky Steamboat as the guest referee of the McChesney vs LeRusso rematch at Night of the Superstars


  • Matthew Justice then took on Andrew Palace
    • Palace hit a suicide dive outside the ring pushing Justice into the rails
    • Justice tried for a bare knee strike but Palace able to land his hernia driver for the pin
    • Plummer came out and named Palace the #1 contender to IWC heavyweight title, but this announcement was interrupted though by Team Storm, so this set up a #1 contender’s match at High Stakes between Pollock and Palace


  • A returning IWC alumni Dylan Bostic w/Justin Labar took on RJ City next
    • Good promo before the match where RJ said Labar is Bostic’s pervert uncle, and he may be on to something here
    • Double low bows by both anti heroes, followed by double eye pokes – if you like heel vs heel matches this is as good a one as there is
    • Finally, RJ hits his Knee Arthur move for the win


  • In the main event Wardlow w/Justin Labar defended his IWC Heavyweight title vs DJ Z
    • Labar found himself ejected from ringside early on
    • The action made it outside the ring, Wardlow dropped Z on chairs, dudes were just killing one another
    • DJ Z got his knees up to stop Wardlow’s senton attempt
    • DJ Z nailed a top rope hurricanrana but that was still not enough to put down the beast Wardlow
    • Wardlow finally landed a middle rope Wardlow Driver to get a clean pin and retain in what was the match of the night


  • After the match Wardlow tried to break Z’s arm, which led to Facade and Gory coming in for the save.  The Fraternity then came out to assist Wardlow but then IWC Icon Jimmy Demarco hit the ring for the final save
  • This left four IWC legends in the ring to end the huge anniversary show:  Jimmy Demarco, Facade, Gory, and DJ Z
  • Overall this was an amazing show – with the talent bringing it in every single match.  That being said, while some cards you may be able to download a few matches and skip some of the filler – this is one card you’ll want to purchase as a whole show and watch from start to finish – as it gives you quality match after quality match, as well as commentary teams that help fill in the gaps of IWC history you may not be aware of


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Trey’s Women’s Wrestling Roundabout: Sabotage Edition

Sabotage Wrestling

Coming up next weekend, Sabotage Wrestling, a primarily women’s wrestling federation formed in 2016, will be hosting their third show – this time in Austin, Texas.

I wanted to take this column to talk Sabotage and women’s wrestling with Sabotage promoter Brian Cervantes.

Trey: Brian, thanks for taking the time to sit down with me – I got into Sabotage once I heard friend of the column Ray Lyn had wrestling at your first event. Ray Lyn was a huge favorite of myself and many others during her time in Western Pennsylvania – so first off a shout out to her.

That being said, tell me a little bit about how you feel your debut event in October of 2016 went? – some great talent on that card including such hot up and coming talent like Raze, Shotzi Blackheart, Delilah Doom, Sage Sin, Ray Lyn, Thunder Rosa, Holidead, Heather Monroe, and perhaps one of the top unsigned wrestlers out there – Taya Valkyrie.

Brian: The first Sabotage event was pretty special since we had a little over a month to get the whole thing together. We were very fortunate to get some of the talent that we did having women from Japan, Mexico, and Canada which made it very special. We were also very happy with how all the matches turned out for the show considering all the matches where first time match ups.

Trey: Your next event had a unique tournament to crown the first Sabotage champion – which was won by Delilah Doom (it seems that Delilah and Shotzi are picking up all the women’s titles these days) – that event got even more coverage and with a champion selected further established your brand.

Brian: Yes the tournament was a random drawing of a group of 4 women and then we let the fans decide who would be the teams. So some of the pairings were pretty odd, and a lot of the teams ended up coming up with Tag Team names for themselves. (DoomBuggy, RazeCray) The first two rounds where Tag Matches and the final round being a fatal 4 way for the Sabotage Title. We felt we needed a Title to help establish ourselves. Having Delilah win the title was pretty special and since then she has been on a roll and picking up other titles.

Trey: Now you are taking your federation on the road, all the way to Austin, Texas (coincidentally, it seems that both you and myself are from Texas) – outside of it being our home state – why Texas? Was this just a way for you to expense off some Whataburgers?

Brian: No it’s not about getting to eat some Whataburgers but I’m sure I’ll get a few. The biggest reason for Texas is to expand the brand and more Importantly is to get the women more exposure and introduce them to new areas and hope that gets them seen by more promoters who will end up getting them more work. I have stated this many times that I feel that women West of the Mississippi don’t get noticed or get quite as much exposure as the women on the East Coast. What better way to help with that than then to travel. Our first show we had 3 women from Texas on our show and most of our fans in California had never heard of them and now they talk about them all the time. Now we want to do the same for the women in California for Texas. It’s all about helping all of the women working for Sabotage to help expand and grow.

Trey: I’d like to talk about some of the Sabotage 3, “She’s Crafty” matches now….

In a Loser Leaves Twerk match – we have Heather Monroe vs Ray Lyn – I know these two had a twerk off at your second event if I remember correctly – and I’ve seen Ray Lyn wrestle (and twerk) on more than one occasion so my bias is kicking in and I’ve got Ray Lyn winning this one….thoughts?

Brian: This is also a match i am really looking forward to because I think these two have unlimited potential. A very cool story about Ray Lyn is I used to follow her over Social Media and I saw that she was going to make the move out to California but we had already booked our first Sabotage show. I told her you should come out to the show and check it out and she came and I ended up using her in a match and she has been a part of Sabotage ever since. So like they say show up and always bring your gear and you never know what can happen. As far as a winner goes for this match up it’s to close to call for me.

Trey: Shotzi Blackheart – who again seems to be collecting titles everywhere – faces a very game Kat Green – do you think this match cements one of these women as the #1 contender to the Sabotage title?

Brian: Yes Shotzi Blackheart is on a roll with her currently holding the Phoenix of Rise Title, Easy Bay Pro Women’s Title, and the Lady Luck Gold Rush Title. It would appear that she is Unstoppable at the moment. However I’m sure Kat Green who is coming back from Injury recently has something to say about that. I have also been following Kat Green’s journey for a few years now and seen her struggle and I know she would like nothing better than to put herself as being the one that everybody is talking about. The best way for her to do that is stop Shotzi and have everybody talking about her then. I’m sure who ever comes out on top of this match up will most likely put themselves in that #1 Contender’s conversation.

twistedTrey: In an intergender tag team match I see you got Holidead and Thunder Rosa aka the Twisted Sisterz taking on Extra Talented-ed – I definitely think the Sisterz are a tag team that can take on men or women and always stand a chance to win and I think you feel the same?

Brian: Yes the Twisted Sisterz don’t care if they face women or men they just want to fight! And this fight is for the New Sabotage Tag Team Championships. These two teams have never faced each other but you would never know that based on their battle over Social Media. This match-up has the potential of stealing the whole show. Extra Talented-Ed having been killing it in Texas and the Twisted Sisterz have been red hot so who knows what’s going to take place in this matchup!

Trey: What is the Weird City Warfare match? I notice some Oklahoma wrestlers like Skylar Slice and Killista Deva that I am familiar with are in this match.

Brian: This is the match i personally am looking forward to the most. We have 9 participants Angel Blue, Christi Jaynes, Allie Kat, Baby D, Skylar Slice, Killista Deva, Phoebe Sf Treat, Ruby Raze, and Kaitlin Diemond. We start the match with two women and then another women will enter every 3 minutes. The only way to eliminate your opponent is by pinfall or submission in the ring. So think Royal Rumble meets Aztec Warfare. This match will depend on the order that the participants enter. Enter 1st and it could take you over 20 minutes to have a chance to even win this match. So this will be a mix of talent as much as being able to just survive. Who ever wins this match will be the New #1 Contender for sure!

Delilah Doom vs Trey: In the main event Erica Torres w/Donovan Troi takes on Delilah Doom. A tough first title defense for Doom to be sure….especially with the scheming Troi at ringside.

Brian: Donovan Troi has been saying for 3 Months that Delilah Doom is not worthy of the Sabotage Championship and he has hand picked someone he refers to as his Queen, Erica Torres to take that belt away from her. I’m sure Delilah would love to shut Donovan up for good and show him and any other doubters that she is more than worthy to hold the title. Erica Torres is someone who is hell bent on making Delilah her loyal servant. So this is a classic battle of good vs evil for sure. I’m hoping that Delilah can stay focused on Erica and not on Donovan Troi because if she is not able to I can see Erica walking out of She’s Crafty with that Heavy Weight Title.

Trey: What is your short term and long term vision for Sabotage?

Brian: Short Term goal is just to expand the brand and introduce as many fans as possible to the great talent that we have here on the West Coast.

Long Term goal is tricky because if we get these women recognized hopefully they get noticed enough and get signed to bigger and better things. I’m sure we have some talent that won’t be available to us for that long. Another goal is to travel to as many cities to expose the talent to as many fans as possible!

I’d like to thank Brian for taking the time to answer these questions and wish him all the luck in building this promotion. For ticket information if you happen to be in the Austin area or traveling to the Austin area this upcoming weekend – you can purchase tickets at this link.

You can follow Sabotage on the following social mediums:
Twitter: @sabotage2016
Facebook: 2016sabotagewrestling
Instagram: sabotagewrestling16

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Trey’s Women’s Wrestling Roundabout – WrestleMania Edition

taya vs su

Hello again, aiming to publish this after I go to Girl’s Night Out, which you’ll be able to read my recap at my wrestling blog Breaking Treyfabe if you haven’t already but you probably most certainly already have…..RIGHT?!?!!? (bloggers have bigger egos than wrestlers, little known fact) – if you haven’t, check it out here before going any further 

shimmer 91Today’s column is going to focus on one thing – WrestleMania weekend shows in Orlando – not including the WWE related shows because they don’t need my support – I’m an indy wrestling blogger dammit!!!

Do remember – all cards subject to change:
Continue reading Trey’s Women’s Wrestling Roundabout – WrestleMania Edition

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Trey’s Women’s Wrestling Roundabout

Rise2_Poster copy


Trey Garcia is a pro wrestling blogger that focuses on the greater Pittsburgh scene and women’s wrestling.  Check out his blog at Breaking Treyfabe.

Hello there, my first column devoted to women’s wrestling in this format…not sure how it is going to work out…usually I do amusing to myself reviews and previews for local Indy shows from Tulsa to Pittsburgh…but figured I’d expand a bit with a one stop shop of upcoming events involving women’s wrestling (focused on independent feds) – along with my usual tongue in cheek commentary and plenty of plugs.  

Enjoy and let me know what works and what doesn’t as I try to churn this out every few months or so.  

Rise2_Poster– RISE has their second event coming up and lots of to look forward to in that one.  Wish I could make that trip to California on 1/27 – announced matches include Continue reading Trey’s Women’s Wrestling Roundabout