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IWC Fallout 2018 DVD

We are currently processing pre-orders.  This page will be updated once orders are ready to ship.  Please note that production time will be delayed as we are now utilizing an outside vendor for DVD production. DVDs will require approximately 45-60 days for processing. Thanks for your patience!

Jock Samson vs Shane In Ya Face
Keith Haught, Jason Tyler and Jinx vs Mambo Italiano, Calvin Couture and Katie Arquette
IWC High Stakes Championship: Bulk Nasty vs Matt Conard
IWC Super Indy Championship: Jason Gory vs Ethan Wright
JaXon Argos and RC Dupree vs Darin Dinero and Daniel Hooven
Locked and Loaded vs The Upper Echelon
-6 Pack Challenge Elimination Tables Match: Marshall Gambino vs Jami Jameson vs The Gavel David Lawless, Esq. vs Officer Dan Murphy vs Chest Flexor vs Corey Futuristic
-IWC World Heavyweight Championship: Andrew Palace vs Dylan Bostic


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