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International Wrestling Cartel

IWC Seventeen
IWC Reloaded 4.0
IWC Fallout
IWC Night of the Superstars 6
IWC Winner Takes All 2013
IWC Best of 2014 VOD
Before The Machine: Raymond Rowe Vol. 2

Renegade Wrestling Alliance

RWA Fury 2018
RWA Uprising 2018
RWA Seasons Beatings 2017
RWA Aggression 2015

Ryse Wrestling

Ryse Wrestling – February 10, 2018
Ryse Wrestling - March 3, 2018 (at Brownsville High School) Digital Download

Premier Championship Wrestling

Premier “Zero Hour”
Premiere New Year’s Revolution 2018
Premier Holiday Havoc 2017
Premier November Pain 2017
Welterweight Wrestling 2