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Heavy Metal Jesus: Logan Shulo in IWC Digital Download

Logan Shulo (Thumbnail Image)

IWC Winner Takes All 2012
IWC World Heavyweight Title vs. IWC Super Indy Title, Winner Takes All: IWC World Heavyweight Champion Logan Shulo vs. Sami Callihan (Special Guest Ref: Jimmy DeMarco)

IWC Payback
IWC Super Indy Champion Logan Shulo vs. Anthony Nese

IWC Night of the Superstars 2
Team Big League vs. Goldust, Colt Toombs, Logan Shulo, & Facade

IWC Caged Fury 2013
Shane Strickland vs. Logan Shulo

IWC Combat in Clearfield 5
Michael Elgin vs. Logan Shulo

IWC Winner Takes All 2013
No Holds Barred – Farewell Match: Shane Taylor vs. Logan Shulo