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IWC Caged Fury 2012

Logan Shulo - the drifter

IWC Caged Fury 2012
August 25, 2012 Elizabeth , PA

Proving Ground Four-Way Scramble Mike Rayne vs Will Calrissian vs Jordan Lennox vs Alex Reynolds
Pepper Parks vs Matt Cannon
Dave DiMera & Blue Collar Slaughterhouse vs James Nutter, Aiden Veil, & Tony Johnson
Dalton Castle vs Ray Rowe
IWC Tag Team Championship Match: The Founding Fathers vs The One Nighters
IWC Super Indy Champion Sami Callihan vs Rich Swann
IWC World Heavyweight Championship Steel Cage Match: Logan Shulo vs John McChesney
Steal Cage Weapons Match: Gory  vs Facade

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