RYSE - April 7, 2018

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RYSE - April 7, 2018


Duration: 2 hours 12 minutes | Availability: Worldwide

1. “The Gavel” David Lawless, Esq. vs “The Bullet Catcher” Drake Braddock
2. “The Man At War” Silas Morgan vs “T.K.D.” – Tommy Kyle Dean,
3. Sonny Vice vs “The New Beginning” Dr. Daniel C. Rockingham
4. “NO DISQUALIFICATION” MATCH FOR THE “REMIX PRO WRESTLING” RIOT CHAMPIONSHIP: Champion “The Handlebar Haberdasher” Marion Fontaine vs “The Greatest Director In All Of Professional Wrestling” Derek Direction
5. FOUR-PERSON INTERGENDER TAG-TEAM REMATCH: “Honey Bear” (Honey Badger/”The Bearcat” Keith Haught) vs “Golden Chic International” (Calvin Couture/”R.P.W.” – Robert Parker Williams)
6. “NO DISQUALIFICATION” MATCH: Shirley Doe vs “Wide Open” Dalton Throttle
7. SIX-MAN “CHALLENGE OF A CHAMPION” MATCH FOR THE “RYSE” GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP: Champion “The Apex Of Combat” Lee Moriarty vs “The Meta Human” Duke Davis vs “Pro Wrestling All-Star” Ganon Jones, Jr. vs “The Iceman” Tony Johnson vs”The Reaper” Matt Conard vs Lewis

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