Thomas Mathis

Episode 24

Duration: 52 minutes

Availability: Worldwide

PWX Contenders Title 3-Way: Dax Draper vs Classic Chris Helmsley vs AJ Alexander 
Fight Society Championship: Shirley Doe vs The Beastman

Plus Battle Royal for the last spot in the PWX Contenders Title 3-Way!

Also Appearing: Kato, Crusher Hansen, Annabelle, Christian Noir, Zak Hunter , Scarlett, Thomas Mathis, Brohemoth, Destin Vaine, Sammich, Quinn McKay, Happy Hour, Chief ThunderBear

Episode 23

Duration: 1 hour 7 minutes

Availability: Worldwide

Kato, Crusher Hansen & Annabelle vs Christian Noir, Zak Hunter & Scarlett 
Thomas Mathis vs Brohemoth 
Street Fight: Timothy Titan vs Danny Able 
MtOSHA (Destin Vaine & Sammich) & Quinn McKay vs Happy Hour, Chief ThunderBear & Chambers

Episode 21

Duration: 51 minutes

Availability: Worldwide

Fight Society Championship Gauntlet (Fight #1): Zak Hunter v Dak Draper
Fight Society Championship Gauntlet (Fight #2): Dak Draper v Timothy Titan
Fight Society Championship Gauntlet (Fight #3): Thomas Mathis v Dak Draper
Fight Society Championship Gauntlet (Fight #4): Christian Noir v Thomas Mathis
MtOSHA (Dan Sammich & Destin Vaine) & Scarlett v Grumpy Old Men (Crusher Hansen & Kato) & Annabelle

Plus Troy Lords addresses the Fight Society crowd!

Also Appearing: Mae Buckley, Stryder

Episode 19

Duration: 55 minutes

Availability: Worldwide

Chris Helmsly vs Zach Thomas 
Lucio Deveer vs AJ Alexander 
Timothy Titan vs Bill Collier 
Thomas Mathis vs Zeke Mercer

Also Appearing: Fight Society Champion Patrick Hayes, Tommy Kyle Dean, Ryder Reid, ThunderBear Moore, Mae Buckley and Stryder

Episode 17

Duration: 1 hour 17 minutes

Availability: Worldwide

Fight Society Championship Match: Zeke Mercer vs Patrick Hayes
MtOSHA, Inc (Sammich & Destin Vaine) vs Crusher Hansen & Happy Hour
Thomas Mathis vs Toryn Flight 
Timothy Titan vs Shirley Doe
Christian Noir & Megan Meyers vs Annabelle & Scarlett