Troy Lords

Episode 21

Duration: 51 minutes

Availability: Worldwide

Fight Society Championship Gauntlet (Fight #1): Zak Hunter v Dak Draper
Fight Society Championship Gauntlet (Fight #2): Dak Draper v Timothy Titan
Fight Society Championship Gauntlet (Fight #3): Thomas Mathis v Dak Draper
Fight Society Championship Gauntlet (Fight #4): Christian Noir v Thomas Mathis
MtOSHA (Dan Sammich & Destin Vaine) & Scarlett v Grumpy Old Men (Crusher Hansen & Kato) & Annabelle

Plus Troy Lords addresses the Fight Society crowd!

Also Appearing: Mae Buckley, Stryder

Episode 20

Duration: 1 hour 34 minutes

Availability: Worldwide

Sammich & Destin Vaine vs Crusher Hansen & Kato
Shirley Doe & Beastman vs Ryder Reid & Tommy Kyle Dean
Christian Noir vs Brohemoth 
Fight Society Championship Last Man Standing Match: Patrick Hayes vs Troy Lords

Plus Beastman Gauntlet!

Also Appearing: ThunderBear Moore, Happy Hour, Chambers, Boobie, Chris Helmsly, Scarlett, Annabelle and more!

Episode 18

Duration: 1 hour 27 minutes

Availability: Worldwide

Chris Helmsly vs AJ Alexander 
Troy Lords vs Brian Pillman Jr. 
Elite 5 Rankings Match for #1 Member Ranking: Beastman vs Brohemoth with special referee Paul Atlas 
Non-Championship Match: Max Alexander w/ Tatiana Rose vs Patrick Hayes

Also Appearing: Dean Radford