Sadie Gang


Duration: 2 hours 51 minutes

Availability: Worldwide

IWC Tag Team Championship: The Mane Event (Duke Davis & Ganon Jones Jr) vs The Culmination (Atticus Cogar & Remy Levay) vs Sadie Gang (Colby Redd & Darin Dinero) vs Team Storm (Jaxon Argos & RC Dupree)
Johnny Patch vs Jami Jameson.
Dylan Bostic vs Andrew Palace
Britt Baker vs Chris LeRusso 
The Founding Fathers (Bubba the Bulldog, Dennis Gregory, Super Hentai & Jimmy Vegas) vs Bulk Nasty, Elijah Dean, Mambo Italiano, and Chest Flexor 
IWC Women's Championship Match: Katie Arquette vs Madison Rayne 
Title vs Title No Holds Barred Match: IWC Heavyweight Champion Wardlow vs IWC Super Indy Champion John McChesney 
DJ Z’s Final Match in IWC: DJ Z & Jimmy DeMarco vs Flippin' Ain't Easy (Gory and Facade)

Clearfield Carnage 5

Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes

Availability: Worldwide

Sadie Gang (Colby Redd & Darin Dinero) vs The STDs (Billy Ruxpin & Corey Futuristic)
Jami Jameson vs "The Man Dime" Elijah Dean
Gory vs Johnny Patch
Team Storm (Jack Pollock, Jaxon Argos, & RC Dupree) vs Team ICWA (Jason Tyler, Stevie LeBell, & Phillip Archer) 
Loser Leaves Clearfield vs Bostic Wears a Pig Costume: Andrew Palace vs Dylan Bostic 
The Culmination (Remy LaVey & Atticus Cogar) vs Keith Haught & Dan Hooven
IWC High Stakes Championship Falls Count Anywhere: Chest Flexor vs Mambo Italiano vs Officer Dan Murphy vs "The Professor" Ryan Dye
Wardlow & Jimmy Vegas vs Team LaBar (Chris LeRusso & Bulk Nasty)

Unbreakable 2018

Duration: 2 hours 29 minutes

Availability: Worldwide

Dylan Bostic vs Jason Tyler
IWC Highstakes Championship Reverse Ladder Match: Chest Flexor vs Max Caster vs Stevie LeBell vs Jami Jameson
Jason Gory vs Maxwell Jacob Friedman 
Katie Arquette vs Kylie Rea
IWC Tag Team Championship: Team Storm (Jaxon Argos & RC Dupree) vs Lethal Enforcers (James Drake & Anthony Henry) 
Sadie Gang (Colby Redd & Darin Dinero) vs Hollywood Couture (Elijah Dean & Calvin Couture)
The Culmination (Atticus Cogar & Remy LaVey) vs Shawn Phoenix and Daniel Hooven
Wardlow vs Bulk Nasty
IWC Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match: Jack Pollock vs Andrew Palace vs Jock Samson vs Duke Davis vs Ganon Jones Jr. vs Jimmy Vegas

Proving Ground 7

Duration: 2 hours 25 minutes

Availability: Worldwide

Andrew Palace vs "The Man Dime" Elijah Dean
Katie Arquette vs Ray Lyn vs Jinx 
Wardlow vs Chris LeRusso 
DJ Z vs Johnny Patch
Sadie Gang (Darin Dinero & Colby Redd) vs Phillip Archer & Officer Dan Murphy vs Jami Jameson & Jason Tyler vs Mambo Italiano & Billy Ruxpin
Shawn Phoenix vs Atticus Cogar 
IWC Highstakes Championship Tiki Death Match: Chest Flexor vs "The Professor" Ryan Dye 
Dylan Bostic vs "The Ronin" Stevie LeBell
IWC Super Indy Championship Match: Jonathan Gresham vs Jason Gory

Plus Team Storm Championship Celebration!

Caged Fury 2018

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

Availability: Worldwide

Sadie Gang (Darin Dinero & Colby Redd) vs No Consequences (Tre Lamar & Chase Oliver)
IWC Tag Team Championship: Team Storm (Jaxon Argos & RC Dupree) vs Team LaBar (Chris LeRusso & Bulk Nasty) vs The Mane Event (Duke Davis & Ganon Jones, Jr.)
Katie Arquette vs Jinx
No DQ 6-Man Tag Match: Keith Haught, Dan Hooven, and Shawn Phoenix vs The Culmination (Remy Lavey, Atticus Cogar & Otis Cogar)
Andrew Palace vs Jock Samson 
Gory vs Jeff Cobb 
IWC High Stakes Championship Steel Cage Match: Chest Flexor vs Marshall Gambino
IWC Heavyweight Championship Steel Cage Match: Jack Pollock vs Wardlow