Matt Cross

Best of Premier Championship Wrestling: Year One

Duration: 4 hours 45 minutes

Availability: Worldwide

Premier Championship: Andrew Palace vs. Jason Kincaid vs. Gory
Welterweight Championship: Ace Perry vs. Gregory Iron
BATTLE OF THE BEARDS: Jason Kincaid vs. M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross
Chris LeRusso vs. Ophidian
LUMBERJACK MATCH: Gory vs. Jason Kincaid
Gory vs. Frightmare
No Disqualification: Remy LaVey vs. Andrew Palace
The Culmination vs. Sonny Defarge, Cornelius Crummels, Nate Wings, Aaron Williams
Welterweight Showcase: Ace Perry vs. Kevin Bennett vs. Gavin Glass vs. Sonny Vice
Rickey Shane Page vs. Ganon Jones Jr.
Marti Belle vs. Angel Dust (Zoey Skye)
N8 Mattson & Thunderkitty vs. Shawn Phoenix & Joseline
Miracle on 34th Streetfight: Derek Direction vs. Rex Brody

BONUS MATCHES From Our Very First Trial Event In 2015
Tyson Dux vs. Johnny Gargano
Rickey Shane Page vs. M-Dogg Matt Cross

The first year of Premier Championship Wrestling had everything from established veterans to upstart rookies, from scientific classics to violent bloodbaths, from championship clashes to personal vendettas. Emanating from the historic Turners Hall in Cleveland, OH, a venue with well over two decades of wrestling history, see the heart and sacrifice of a hungry talent roster as you witness the action and mayhem that laid the groundwork for a brand still rapidly growing today!”

Revengeance 2017

Duration: 2 hours 12 minutes

Availability: Worldwide

“Revengeance 2017” – October 21, 2017

Premier Champion Andrew Palace vs. Ron Mathis
No Disqualification: Remy LaVey vs. Krimson
Welterweight 4-Way Showcase: M-Dogg Matt Cross vs. Ryan Kidd vs. Bu Ku Dao vs. Sonny Vice
Otis Cogar w/Atticus Cogar vs. Sonny Defarge w/Cornelius Crummels
Bill Watts Rules: Nickie Valentino w/Calvin Couture vs. Alex Jordan
Jack Pollock w/RC Dupree vs. Jackson Stone
Chris LeRusso vs. Kalam
Ganon Jones Jr & Duke Davis vs. Silas Morgan & Cisco Silver
Katie Arquette vs. Joseline

Battle of the Beards 2016

Duration: 2 hours 29 seconds

Availability: Worldwide

Battle of the Beards: “M-Dogg 20″ Matt Cross vs. Jason “The Gift” Kincaid
Special Attraction Three Way Dance: “Neon Ninja” Facade w/Dani vs. Louis Lyndon vs. Matthew Justice
The Sons of Michigan (“Amazing” N8 Mattson & “Big Bear” Benjamin Boone) vs. System Elite (Ty Cross & Edric Everhart)
"The New Age Plague” Gory vs. “The New Hope” Bryan Bowers
“Heir Apparent” Chris LeRusso vs. “Mind Eraser” Remy LaVey
“Old School Muscle” Nickie Valentino vs. Andrew Palace
“Pro Wrestling’s All-Star” Ganon Jones Jr. vs. Sonny Vice
“The Bev” Bobby Beverly vs. “Next Trending Topic” Jack Pollock
Derek Direction vs. Keith Haught

Debut 2015

Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes

Availability: Worldwide

Johnny Gargano vs Tyson Dux
M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross vs Rickey Shane Page
Jock Samson vs Jimmy Nutts
Dylan Bostic & Darek Direction w/ Ray Lyn vs Idris Abraham & Alden Prince
“The Bev” Bobby Beverly vs Andrew Palace
“Amazing” N8 Mattson vs Joey Vengeance
“The New Hope” Bryan Bowers vs Nickie Valentino