IWC Best of Shiima Xion

IWC Best of Shiima Xion DVD

1. Shiima Xion vs. Jason Gory – Shiima’s debut. Youth Gone Wild
2. Shiima Xion/Maverick vs. Gambinos – Showdown in U-Town 4
3. Baby Face Fire (Shiima Xion  & Jason Gory)  vs. Motor City Machine Guns – Newville Knockout 2008
4. Shiima Xion vs. Ray Rowe – Night of Legends 2009
5. Shiima Xion vs. John McChesney – No Excuses 2009
6. Shiima Xion vs. Jimmy Demarco – A Call to Arms Night 2 2009
7. Shiima Xion vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Azrieal – Super Indy IX finals
8. Shiima Xion vs. Super Hentai – No Excuses 2010 Cage match
9. Shiima Xion vs. Roderick Strong – Winner Takes All 2010
10. Shiima Xion 10 man tag – Super Indy X

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One thought on “IWC Best of Shiima Xion DVD

  1. Damn, TNA really dreppod the ball on not letting Daniels win the title, they would have had a Champion for the UK tour but no now Hardy gets to sit around with the title he doesnt deserve anymore and I dont hate Hardy but its the truth.