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Indy Mayhem Show: Dr Dan Rockingham & Derek Direction


Dr Dan Rockingham & Derek Direction join us to talk about their evolution as characters, The Production in Absolute Intense Wrestling, Ryse Wrestling and more!

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Indy Mayhem Show: Catching Up with Magnum CK


We caught up with Magnum CK just before his debut for Black Diamond Wrestling to discuss his transition to a member of The Production at Absolute Intense Wrestling, the upcoming AIW Absolution show, the 5 second match that won over the crowd at International Wrestling Cartel and more!

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Indy Mayhem Show 192: PB Smooth


This week PB Smooth joins us to discuss his introduction to pro wrestling after years of basketball, growing into his character, the confidence between the team based sports and being out there by yourself, being prepared for the character and social media side of being a wrestler, working International Wrestling Cartel, and more!

*Recorded before IWC and AIW’s December 2017 events.

Follow PB Smooth on Twitter as @_MrFresh2Death

Share your feelings on indy wrestling and tell us who we should talk to on the show via e-mail at [email protected]

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Around The Indys! – The Final 3 Count


Have good turkey? Want to talk about turkey? Want to talk about wrestling while talking about turkey? Well, you came to the right place! It’s now time for EVERYONE to go Around The Indys!


Let’s begin at our (well, if you live in Pennsylvania) friendly neighborhood federation, Absolute Intense Wrestling is first up with their Hell on Earth! The lineup alone had a list of great superstars of the the present and future of this company going toe-to-toe (as they always do). Mike Tolar started off the night defeating Hot Young Briley, while Louis Lyndon was successful in a 4-way that featured PB Smooth, Eric Ryan and Eddie Kingston! Ethan Page shocked the World (unless you’re in Ethan Page’s world) as he took on AND BEAT “The Machine” Brian Cage!


Oh, and some guy named “Zack Sabre Jr.” defeated Dominic Garrini. He’s going to be good some day.


As for the title matches, the referee stopped the match and declared Shayna Baszler the winner against Heidi Lovelace and successfully defended her AIW Women’s Title.


The AIW Tag Team titles were successfully defended as Crazy Pain defeated the former champs The Jolleyville Fuck-Its. Also, Alex Daniels successfully defended his AIW Intense championship against Laredo Kid with…some..uh…help(?) from Gregory Iron.

And in an epic match, Josh Prohibition defeated the equally talented Tim Donst to retain his AIW Absolute Title.



A fantastic weekend at Winston-Salem, North Carolina came to an end as the Queens of Combat took center stage.


In a huge upset, Taelor Hendrix LOST her Queen of Combat championship to the highly talented Su Yung and, let’s be honest, we’re going to see a lot more from those two talented wrestlers in the upcoming months, if not years.

Leva Bates and Solo Darling also had an amazing win against The Sexy Young Caramels (which is an amazing tag team name for the team of Devyn Nicole and Savannah Evans) and another great tag team Deoanna Purrazzo and Kelly Klein defeated ANOTHER pretty awesome tag team name AND partners, The D and D Muscle Factory (D’Arcy Dixon and Miss Diss Lexia).


It’s so amazing to see these amazing ladies do amazing things in front of an absolute packed house waiting to see THEM and wanting to see what they are going to do as professional wrestlers.


I thank ladies like Deonna, D’Arcy, Jade, Thunderkitty, Leva Bates, Su Yung, Taeler Hendrix and other ladies to show that it’s not a publicity stunt when people say “Women’s Revolution” because, well, it starts here…with independent wrestling to get to the point where they’re treated with respect.

And finally, we need to look at WrestleCade one more time. For, you see, they had their last show last weekend and, well, they went out with a bang. They ended WrestleCade with The Final 3 Count. CW Anderson, Steve Corino, Crazzy Steve, Eddie Edwards, Tessa Blanchard, Rachael Ellering, Veda Scott, Gunner, Drew Galloway, PJ Black, Gangrel, Jimmy Valiant, Lodi, Mr. Hughes, Ricky Morton, Rockstar Spud, Shane Douglas, The Blue Meanie, Jeff Jarrett, Luke Hawx, BJ Whitmer, Matt Cross, Ricochet, Shane Strickland, Juventud Guerrera, Sonjay Dutt, SONNY FRIGGIN’ ONOO and GEORGE SOUTH! That’s a stacked card already and I haven’t even told you about the main event.

WrestleCade’s Final 3 Count in the Final 3 Count featured WrestleCade’s champion successfully defended his title against…”THE BIG GUY” Ryback!

They legit tore the roof off the place. Like, seriously. I mean, the names I just named are the top names in wrestling’s past, present and future and they all came one more time to WrestleCade and didn’t disappoint.

George South won his own damn battle royal! That’s amazing! Matt Cross, Ricochet and Shane Strickland beat a team that had Juvi, Caleb Konley and Sonjay Dutt (WHICH WAS MANAGED BY SONNY ONOO!), NICK PATRICK WAS THERE TO REF THE CARLITO v. JEFF JARRETT MATCH! Just amazing moments!

So from everyone here at IndyWrestling.US, thank you WrestleCade for bringing amazing matches and amazing moments to the amazing fans that came out to see you last week, last month and last year and best wishes to everyone who put WrestleCade together.


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Indy Mayhem Show 132: Britt Baker Returns!

Britt Baker

We are once again joined by Britt Baker​ to check in on how she’s doing since her visit over a year ago (and only a couple of matches into her career.)  We talk about her experiences with Ray Lyn building a brand new women’s division in International Wrestling Cartel, AIW’s Girls Night Out, Ring of Honor, and the story behind how she ended up in the ring against Nia Jax in both of their first match on WWE RAW! Continue reading Indy Mayhem Show 132: Britt Baker Returns!

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Around The Indys (8/28/2016)


A round-up of what’s happening in independent professional wrestling. We want to know about your favorite local promotion. Send an email to [email protected], using the subject line “Around The Indys”.

Welcome back to the show that never ends! It’s time to travel all around those Indys! Let’s begin, shall we?

In North East Wrestling (NEW), they continued their Wrestling Under the Stars tour in Pittsfield, Mass. Jushin Thunder Liger and Mandy Leon were also teamed up (not sure who they fought, if you have any idea please leave a comment below or on Twitter). It also saw #BROKEN Matt Hardy defeat the Vinny Marseglia, Cody Rhodes defeating Mike Bennett, Jeff Hardy defeating Brian Anthony, and Jerry Lawler taking out “The Man Scout” Jake Manning.

In other NEW news, they had another Wrestling Under The Stars night and this time it happened in Wappingers Falls, New York the very next night. Featured a couple of dream matches that lived up to the hype with Matt Hardy (with Senor Benjamin and Reby Sky) defeating Sami Callihan, Jerry Lawler defeating The Brooklyn Brawler, and Jeff Hardy defeating Jushin Thunder Liger. And was main evented, MAIN EVENTED, by Cody Rhodes defeating Kurt Angle.


Absolute Intense Wrestling (AIW)  had their Against The World event in Cleveland, OH and had Raymond Rowe defeating Tommy End in an all out war. Sadly, Facade v. Teddy Hart ended tragically when Teddy suffered what is being called a broken ankle during the match. We wish him a speedy recovery.

It also featured a star-studded lineup, a who’s who of stars. Louis Lyndon defeating Shawn Shultz, Brittsburgh’s own Britt Baker defeating Crazy Mary Dobson, Eddie Kingston defeating Shigehiro Irie, BJ Whitmer over Jimmy Wang Yang (which I’m saddened to know that the Jimmy Wang Yang Party Bus was a state away and I wasn’t aware of it). Finally there were two successful title defenses as Alex Daniels defeated Laredo Kid, Matt Cross and Triton to defend his Intense Title and Josh Prohibition defeated Nate Webb to defend his AIW Absolute championship.

Beyond Wrestling (which, by the way, has an amazing name for a website) had one of the best names for an independent show in their “Battle of Who Could Care Less” which featured CWC’s own Drew Gulak opening up picking up a victory against Dave Cole.

In other matches, David Starr defeated Eddie Edwards, LuFisto defeated Alexxis, Jordynne Grace and Veda Scott. Jonathan Gresham defeated Tracy Wiliams and Donovan Dijak defeated Tommy End.

Finally, Renegade Wrestling Alliance had their Aggression show at West Newton, PA on Saturday and was amazing. It featured and amazing main event match between Sonjay Dutt and RWA World Champion Shane Andrews and was a fast-paced, action-packed main event that you would come to expect when it comes from those two. Also, Super Hentai and Bobby Shields defeated Generation Dead (G-Raver and Gory). Expect that to come out on Sorgatron Media’s Digital Download soon.

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Indy Mayhem Show 125: John Thorne

John Thorne of AIW

Eamon Paton (@Eamon2Please, @inspirepro) and Michael Sorg (@sorgatron, @sorgatronmedia) are joined by John Thorne, co-owner of Absolute Intense Wrestling and the new Podcast the Card is Going to Change.  We discuss the promotion’s growth since we last talked in 2009,

Share your feelings on indy wrestling and tell us who we should talk to on the show via e-mail at [email protected]

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