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Indy Mayhem Show: Boar of Moldova


This week the Boar of Moldova joins us live from the Chikara Wrestle Factory to talk about his wrestling experience as a young boar, coming up with the Chikara Wrestle Factory, his confrontations with D-Generation X’s X-Pac and Billy Gunn and more as we are joined by Alex Kahrs of the Chikara in 15 Podcast!

Share your feelings on indy wrestling and tell us who we should talk to on the show via e-mail at [email protected]!

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Indy Mayhem Show On Location: Frightmare


Katie Dudders chats with Chikara’s Frightmare about Cleveland, traveling, making weight, fighting Rory Gulak, teaming again with Ophidian, and more!

All interviews from back stage at Welterweight Wrestling 3.  Check out more at and pick up Digital Downloads of past events on!

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Around the Indys: Double Dare!

Adobe Spark

Ladies and gentlemen!


Welcome to another fantastic edition of another fantastic week of fantastic independent professional wrestling. It is time to take the sweet, sweet trip around Bobby Fishland to The Big Guy Hotel crossing RJ City and right into Around the Indys!


First, let’s hit Ohio, shall we? No, not physically. However, Absolute Intense Wrestling had their 2-Day Star-Studded Tag Team Tournament last Saturday with a Who’s Who list of individuals. To Infinity And Beyond (Cheech and Colin Delaney), The Jolleyville Fuck-Its (Russ Myers and T-Money), Twrrk Team (Marti Belle and Ray Lyn), Weird World (Alex Kellar and Evan Adams), Massage NV (Dorian Graves and VSK), Matt Riddle and Tracy Williams, EYFBO (Angel Ortiz and Mike Draztik), Brian Carson and Dr. Daniel C. Rockingham, Team IOU (Kerry Awful and Nick Iggy), Ninja Elite Squad (Facade and Flip Kendrick), Gringo Loco and Steve Pain, The Headhunters, Eric Ryan and Lucky 13, The Full Blooded Italians (Little Guido and Tracy Smothers), and FRIGGIN’ CRYME TYME! WOW! That’s a lot and that’s a lot to fit into two days of action, and they did.

The Winners of Double Dare became the holders of the Vacant AIW Tag Team titles and it came down to Gringo Loco and Steve Pain v. The Jollyville Fuck-Its with Loco and Pain taking the Double Dare crown AND the AIW Tag Team championship.

Let’s go east into Clearfield, PA where the International Wrestling Cartel had their annual Clearfield Carnage (Kinda glad it’s not called Cataclysm anymore) and it featured a main event for the IWC Super Indy title as Chris LeRusso successfully defended his title against IWC mainstay Gory.


Also, three Pittsburgh-area giants in IWC took home wins as Wardlow defeated Santana Diamonds, Bulk Nasty beat Matt Conard and Jimmy Vegas bested another pretty damn good young brawler, Shane InYaFace.


For ALL of your IWC needs, be sure to check out the entire section right here at IndyWrestling.US. Here you can find Clearfield Carnage, Clearfield Cataclysm, Caged Fury, Super Indy and EVERYTHING ELSE.



Let’s hit Chikara, shall we?! We shall! I love Chikara because, well, it’s an amazing company that EMBRACES social media (see: surprisingly putting their entire show on Facebook Live for everyone to see and Free Match Mondays) and on the 5th of November, Chikara had TWO events in ONE NIGHT! They’re insane over there at Chikara, I must say. Fighting ants, ,frogs, toilet demons, Nazmaldun, Chuck Taylor and Chuck Taylor…it’s crazy.


The day started off with Counting Backwards (which was live-streamed on Chikaratopia) and the main event that would sell out any indy arena, as Juan Francisco de Coronado upsetting the world against world traveler, Zach Sabre Jr with the Coronado Clutch in a 22-minute masterpiece. It made Joey Styles, someone who has been in this business even longer than I have, say THIS:

Also, Chuck Taylor and DUSTIN! (FNA Chuck Taylor) defeated The Closers (Caprice and Roland), the Sea Stars (Exo and Vox) and N_R_G (Jaxon and Rockwell) to gain THREE POINTS to challenge for the Championes de Parejas.


Hermit Crab came up a little bit short to gain the Young Lion’s Cup from the Estonian Thunderfrog and Drew Gulak defeated Lucas Calhoun only to have Gulak, The Legal Eagle himself, giving Calhoun one more chance, only to lose in 2 minutes to That Ol’ Juke Joint.


Then the very same night, another show happened in the same location. “Like Phantoms, Forever” took place and featured the Grand Champion of Chikara, Hallowicked, successfully defending his championship against Ophidian.


And Wani, one of my new favorite wrestlers, defeated Oleg The Usurper, The Ants and HeXed Men ended abruptly in a double DQ when Soldier Ant’s antenna and Frightmare’s mask ripped.


Also, Princess Kimber Lee defeated Max Smashmaster after a Superplex off the second rope and pins him with the Alligator clutch.


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Around the Indys: 9/18/16

JPEG image-52C4E60BC47A-1

Normally, I come out here and show you tweets and facebook posts about what happened this week in the world of independent wrestling, however I would like to delve into the world that social media has on the world of independent professional wrestling.


Through the awesomeness of some wrestling sites posting awesome shots from shows to slow mo camera gifs, we live in a world where everything should be accessible through some sort of medium and whether it’s pictures, moving pictures or just straight videos, that’s the best way to find what appeals to you.



Remember when they were just testing out live free iPPVs? Remember how many weeks of promotion was put into a promotion, like a ROH or a AIW or other federations that put their best card on free iPPV because they wanted more eyes on their product? It was always “DON’T FORGET TO FOLLOW (indy federation) FOR ALL THE NEWS REGARDING OUR IPPV THAT WILL BE FREE! TO YOU!” and what happened when the iPPV decided to start? More than likely, it was clustered with hiccups, stalls, and bad audio/visuals and it wasn’t always the best look of that promotion.



However, last Saturday Chikara did something unexpected, unannounced and promoted only on the day of the event…they posted their entire Black Goodbye LIVE ON FACEBOOK LIVE to promote on why you should pick up Chikaratopia and I got to say, there was absolutely zero negative comments coming from my end. The stream ran smooth, Vlad was Vlad-like and, of course, the wrestling was amazing.


The main event of the evening was for the Grand Champion, as two former Wrestle Factory trainees,  Hallowicked and Drew Gulak, were technically sound in their match and tore the roof down (with Hallowicked retaining his Grand Champion crown).



I’m all for using Periscope for a match or two. Do your thing, indy wrestling…but Chikara took it to another level with streaming their entire event. I’m even better knowing that a promotion, such as Chikara, is just crazy enough to make sure that the fans get to see these matches the same way you will see them via their streaming service. So, good on Chikara for being on their game and using social media to their advantage.

In Ontario, Canada, Alpha-1 had their second MatRats event and it featured a main event that was for the A1 Alpha Male Title, where Heidi Lovelace defended her title against Kobe Durst in a Last Man Standing match and, yeah, it featured Kobe Durst taking out Heidi with a piledriver from the top of a damn ladder!

Kobe Durst wound up victorious and taking the A1 Alpha Male Title from Heidi Lovelace.

Also, The Theory of Evolution (Jim Nye and Space Monkey) successfully defended their tag team titles from Team IOU (Kerry Awful and Nick Iggy). And for the Zero Gravity championship, Alessandro Del Bruno defended his title against Shane Sabre.

But the star power didn’t end with the title matches, oh no. Dick Justice and Swoggle teamed up to defeat The Black Spades (Justin Sane and Lionel Knight), and Scotty O’Shea wrestled in a 2-on-1 handicap match and successfully defeated Joey Kings and Josh Alexander.

If you have a federation that you would like to see us go around in this section, e-mail Goodt[email protected] and we’ll see YOU around the indys.

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Chikara King of Trios 2016 Recap

King of Trios 2016

Sorg and Rizz went on a road trip to Chikara King of Trios 2016.  We talk about the wrestlers, the awesome girls of Team JWP and Team Sendai Girls, the WWE Cruiserweight Classic participants of Drew Gulak, Johnny Gargano, Cedric Alexander and Anthony Nese,  D-Generation X’s X-Pac and Billy Gunn surprise appearances, Lucha Underground’s Aerostar, the WWE Divas Mickie James, Victoria, and Jazz, and so much more!

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Indy Mayhem Show 99: Bryce Remsburg

Bryce Remsburg

This week on Indy Mayhem Show 99, we talk to Bryce Remsburg about, the state of Chikara after  the Chikara “Top Banana” Season 15 Finale, the impact of Princess Kimber Lee as champion and more!

Eamon Paton (@eamon2please) and Michael Sorg (@sorgatron) are joined by Alex Kahrs of Chikara in 15 Minutes or Less and Matt Carlins (@mainstreammat) to discuss Chikara’s fandom, editing wrestling video, preview IWC Winner Take All, and go Around the Indys!

Share your feelings on indy wrestling and tell us who we should talk to on the show via e-mail at [email protected]

If you are in Pittsburgh, you got to go to Slice on Broadway and get their food! ( @pgh_slice)

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