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Around The Indys – Wrestling Circuses, Houses and Chaotic Christmases


Merry Christmas!


Happy Hanukkah!


Happy Holidays!


Today, boys and girls, is a fun night because all of you are tucked in your beds all nice and tightly waiting for Ol’ Saint Nick to drop in and give you all whatever you wanted…unless you’re a heel, then you get coal…no, like lots of it. A whole bunch of coal…too much coal…WHERE DID SANTA EVER GET SO MUCH COAL!?


But before we tuck you in to bed, let’s tell you a few stories from Papa Rizz and tell you three stories FROM AROUND THE INDYS!


Let’s start in the House of Hardcore, shall we? They were in Joppa, MD last Saturday and put on, as they always do, one hell of a show. One pretty sweet moment was, what I can only imagine, an ECW beatdown as originals Sandman and Tommy Dreamer defeated THE SPIRIT SQUAD, Kenny and Mikey!


Also, the main event was a Lucha Underground’s wet dream (that’s what I’m calling it because…well…) which featured Fenix defeating Johnny Mundo and it was as Lucha-ey as you think it was going to be.


Like, REALLY Lucha-ey!

And this also featured two hosses going at each other as in a ROH v. Lucha Underground match, Moose defeated The Machine Cage!

If you want to see more of HOH 23 or House of Hardcore 22, which featured Matt Hardy v. Tommy Dreamer in a cage match, FloSlam has them ready for your streaming pleasure. Dan Barry, Sonjay Dutt, Matt Striker, Kikutaro, Eddie Kingston and Jessica Havok all took part in this show and sounds amazing.

Now that we got the quiet house out of the way, let us turn this place into a straight up Circus! A WRESTLE CIRCUS (See what I did there? I made a joke about your house being a circus and comparing it to wres- you know what? Nevermind.)!


And, just like House of Hardcore, this one has a plethora of amazing talent from all across the independents past, present and future all focused on Austin, Texas.


It was headlined by an Impact Wrestling v. Lucha Underground dream match featuring the “Ringmaster” Ethan Carter the 3rd retaining his Ringmaster Title in a No DQ match against Pentagon Jr.

And a cool thing WrestleCircus is doing is they’re putting up TWO of their matches from last week’s show ON YOUTUBE! The entire matches, so I’m not going to spoil anything for you. However, they’re two matches I’m sure you do NOT want to miss.


Chris Hero and ACH. I just want to say those two names again, Chris Hero and ACH. Two different ends of a completely different spectrum. One a high-flying superstar who SHOULD be on everyone’s watch list in the new year (WWE and TNA included) and the other one is even more vicious than he has ever been in any year and will knock my ass out if I say anything bad about him, because I’m a very tiny human being and he is a very tall human who can decapitate me with his elbow.


The other free match is equally as entertaining, because it shows off ANOTHER match where both competitors are different. Colt Cabana vs. Sammy Guevara, both guys are amazing in their own special ways and they are just damn entertaining. So if you’re bored, curl up by the fire…sip some red wine and watch these two amazing matches FOR FREE! FREEEEEEEE!

But, of course, watch the rest of the show as it featured Michael Elgin, Jeff Cobb, Donovan Dijak, War Machine, Best Friends, Keith Lee and Shane Taylor,  Jervis Cottonbelly, Dick Justice, Scorpio Sky, I’m only getting started! You’re still seeing this? GO! WATCH IT! I’ll be here waiting for you!

Now, I like both promotions and they have stars from the past, present and future to entertain anything but, of course, the best place to see where wrestling is going is to see where they all start and, honestly, one of the best ways to do that is go to California for the EPBW’s Chaotic Christmas where the main event featured a successful EBPW Title defense as Tony Vargas defeated Marcus Lewis.


Also, it featured two amazing stars as Shotzi Blackheart defended her Women’s Title in No DQ match against Kikyo, who was an amazing interview on the Indy Mayhem Show a few weeks ago *cough* cheap plug *cough*.


But instead of that cheap plug, let’s be real Shotzi and Kikyo are going to go places in the next few years and you all should take note.

Now, it’s time for bed. Don’t worry, next week will be a very special episode. Trust me. Also, if you’re an indy promotion and you have a show this weekend, you’re strange and should be ashamed. BUT if you’re a wrestler performing this weekend, I will always support you and hope all goes well.


Until next time, we’ll see YOU around the Indys.

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Around The Indys (10/2/16) – One Word Mania!


Come one, come all! It’s time to strap in tight and take a trip around the Indys. I am your tour guide, Rizz, and our first stop will be in LaSalle, Illinois and at DREAMWAVE Wrestling, where they had their 99th show EVER, Hardcore Halloween.

And the main event of the evening had DREAMWAVE Champion, Prince Mustafa Ali defending his title against Mr. 450. Cody Rhodes defeated the highly talented AR Fox (I would love to see that match, by the way. Big fan of both guys and am kind of jealous). Also, ECW Legend Little Guido defeated, in a slight upset, Joey Ryan. Ariya Daivari defeated Arik Cannon.

Let’s continue in one word federations and go to BELIEVE! In the main event, Rhett Giddins successfully defended his SCW Florida Heavyweight Championship against both Josh Hess and Mike Reed in a three way match. Thea Trinidad was there and successfully took on Raquel, as well. Then Teddy Sigma defeated Li Bryan.


What? You want ANOTHER ONE WORD WRESTLING COMPANY?! WELL, HERE YOU GO! IT’S BEYOND WRESTLING! I just realized that there are a lot of one word wrestling promotions…and they ALL were on this weekend.

Beyond Wrestling had two events in one night, the first one was called Midas Touch and featured a main event that featured John Silver defeating Michael Elgin in a one-on-one match. Then, Joey Janela and Jonathan Gresham made ME wish I was in Somerville, Massachusetts because, well, that match alone looked like a main event.



OR! How about the ending to the Deonna Purrazzo and Sonya Strong match?! OR HOW ABOUT TESSA BLANCHARD DEFEATING RICOCHET?!  ROH’S WAR MACHINE DEFEATING DA HIT SQUAD! This is a stacked card! Stacked! And there was another show on after that!

The American Destroyers (Donovan Dijak and Mikey Webb) defeated Heidi Lovelace and Kimber Lee (which are an amazing pair, by the way and I would love to see more of that team). Also, Jordynne Grace defeated Nevaeh and in the main event Keith Lee defeated Brian Milonas.

Also, Beyond Wrestling needs saved (again). They have started a GoFundMe page. I’ve personally watched many YouTube videos sitting in Pittsburgh, PA thinking to myself that Beyond Wrestling looks like a unique wrestling venue and The Armory  looks like it was made to be for Beyond Wrestling. That place is always filled to the gills and now thanks to Donovan Dijak, we won’t be able to hear!

Right now, they have $895 of their $1,900 goal on the first day and still need your help in getting a new soundboard and, well, it’s Dijak’s fault…but you’re going to help him pay for an expensive cup of water so he can throw it at another sound board. And we will see YOU right back here going around the Indys!

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Around The Indys (9/4/16)

JPEG image-1C626DA9049E-1

A round-up of what’s happening in independent professional wrestling. We want to know about your favorite local promotion. Send an email to [email protected], using the subject line “Around The Indys”.


NO TIME TO WASTE! There is some wrestling that happened this weekend and we’re about to cover it! Let’s go all over the Independent wrestling scene!

SHINE 37 took place in Ybor City, Florida on September 2nd, 2016 and, well, it looked bonkers. It was main evented by an amazing battle between Ivelisse successfully defending her SHINE title against LuFisto.


In other SHINE matches, Amber Gallows defeated Kennadi Brink, Leva and Tracy Taylor in a four way match. Also in tag team action, BTY (Jayme Jameson and Marti Belle) defeated two teammates that were opponents at the beginning of the night, Dominique Fabiano and Priscilla Kelly. Andrea and Mercedes Martinez battled to a No Contest, Raquel defeated Santana, and in an I Quit Match Thunderkitty defeated Malia Hosaka.

DREAMWAVE Wrestling had their Good as Gold event, which was main evented by the Good as Gold over the top rope battle royal, which was won by Alexander Hammerstone. Also, AR Fox‘s long Alternative title reign came to a shocking end, as JT Dunn pulled off the upset in a Fatal Four Way match for the title.

Another title match took place that night, but with different results. The special guest referee was none other than Olympic Gold Medalist, Kurt Angle. As TNA’s Abyss came up short in collecting the DREAMWAVE World championship when Prince Mustafa Ali defeated him and successfully defended his championship. And in non-title action, Matt Cross defeated Donovan Dijak.


AAW had their Cero Miedo event and the AAW World Heavyweight championship was successfully defended by Pentagon Jr. as he ousted his nemesis one last time, Tommaso Ciampa.

And in a shocking turn of events, Sami Callihan did something that no wrestler should ever do…

…He ripped Fenix‘s masked off. Not before this awesome move by Fenix, though.

In other AAW action, Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Silas Young, Dave Crist defeated DJ Z, Chris Hero defeated Drew Galloway, Michael Elgin got a win over Cedric Alexander and Colt Cabana defeated Shigehiro Irie doing Colt Cabana things.

Finally, let’s talk about the weekend that was two very important shows for two very great promotions. Let’s start in Reseda and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla’s Battle of Los Angeles. This is a three day tournament to determine who is the true king of Reseda, CA and “The Villain” Marty Scurll defeated Pentagon Jr. in the first round on the first night. Then on night three, he defeated Cody Rhodes in the Quarter Finals, Mark Haskins in the Semis and defeated both Trevor Lee and Will Ospreay to walk away with the Battle of Los Angeles crown.

In non-BOLA matches, The Young Bucks are awesome. They not only won the 6-man tag match (part of Mt. Rushmore 2.0) during Night 1, they have Meltzer Tights…while Meltzer was there watching live. They also competed in Night 2’s Main Event but on a losing effort v. the team of Matt Sydal, Ricochet and Will Ospreay. AND NOT ONLY THAT! They defended their PWG tag team championships against the team of Fenix and Pentagon Jr.!

In another weekend wrestling fest, Chikara’s King of Trios took place in Easton, PA (which, I found out, is very close to the New Jersey/Pennsylvania border…you learn something new every day). But this year was unlike any other year, as this year Chikara crowned QUEEN of Trios, as Sendai Girls (Meiko Satomura, DASH Chisako and Cassandra Miyagi) defeated Heidi Lovelace and N_R_G in round one, upsets The Colony in Round Two, Warriors Three (Oleg The Ursurper, Princess Kimber Lee and the Estonian ThunderFrog) in the Semi-Finals and Team JWP ( Command Bolshoi, Hanako Nakamori and Manami Katsu) to take that crown.

Also, they crowned a new Rey de Voladores for 2016, as it was scheduled to be Aero Star (after defeating Amasis, Johnny Gargano and Wani) versus Frightmare (after defeating Candice LeRae, Space Monkey and Tony Nese) but due to an injury to Frightmare, he had to be replaced by the runner-up Tony Nese.


In the beginning of the match, Tony Nese got busted open and continued to compete at 100% and gave Aero Star everything he had. Nese and Aero Star gave everything they got and more, but in the end Aero Star won Rey de Voladores 2016.

Also, on Night 3, they had their annual Tag Team Gauntlet match which was won by D-Generation X (Billy Gunn and X-Pac), after picking up the last victory over The Proletariat Boar of Moldova and Prakash Sabar.

However, X-Pac really had to reel back Billy Gunn as he told Prakash Sabar and the Boar to suck it multiple times, as Chikara is one of the only few places where telling someone to “Suck it” in professional wrestling is a heel move.

He said he’s sorry.

In a highly entertaining non-tournament/gauntlet match, “That Ol’ Juke Joint” Lucas Calhoun defeated Chuck Taylor (TM) with a little help from this guy.

And this guy.

And her.

And…wow! How hard did this guy hit him?


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Around The Indys (8/28/2016)


A round-up of what’s happening in independent professional wrestling. We want to know about your favorite local promotion. Send an email to [email protected], using the subject line “Around The Indys”.

Welcome back to the show that never ends! It’s time to travel all around those Indys! Let’s begin, shall we?

In North East Wrestling (NEW), they continued their Wrestling Under the Stars tour in Pittsfield, Mass. Jushin Thunder Liger and Mandy Leon were also teamed up (not sure who they fought, if you have any idea please leave a comment below or on Twitter). It also saw #BROKEN Matt Hardy defeat the Vinny Marseglia, Cody Rhodes defeating Mike Bennett, Jeff Hardy defeating Brian Anthony, and Jerry Lawler taking out “The Man Scout” Jake Manning.

In other NEW news, they had another Wrestling Under The Stars night and this time it happened in Wappingers Falls, New York the very next night. Featured a couple of dream matches that lived up to the hype with Matt Hardy (with Senor Benjamin and Reby Sky) defeating Sami Callihan, Jerry Lawler defeating The Brooklyn Brawler, and Jeff Hardy defeating Jushin Thunder Liger. And was main evented, MAIN EVENTED, by Cody Rhodes defeating Kurt Angle.


Absolute Intense Wrestling (AIW)  had their Against The World event in Cleveland, OH and had Raymond Rowe defeating Tommy End in an all out war. Sadly, Facade v. Teddy Hart ended tragically when Teddy suffered what is being called a broken ankle during the match. We wish him a speedy recovery.

It also featured a star-studded lineup, a who’s who of stars. Louis Lyndon defeating Shawn Shultz, Brittsburgh’s own Britt Baker defeating Crazy Mary Dobson, Eddie Kingston defeating Shigehiro Irie, BJ Whitmer over Jimmy Wang Yang (which I’m saddened to know that the Jimmy Wang Yang Party Bus was a state away and I wasn’t aware of it). Finally there were two successful title defenses as Alex Daniels defeated Laredo Kid, Matt Cross and Triton to defend his Intense Title and Josh Prohibition defeated Nate Webb to defend his AIW Absolute championship.

Beyond Wrestling (which, by the way, has an amazing name for a website) had one of the best names for an independent show in their “Battle of Who Could Care Less” which featured CWC’s own Drew Gulak opening up picking up a victory against Dave Cole.

In other matches, David Starr defeated Eddie Edwards, LuFisto defeated Alexxis, Jordynne Grace and Veda Scott. Jonathan Gresham defeated Tracy Wiliams and Donovan Dijak defeated Tommy End.

Finally, Renegade Wrestling Alliance had their Aggression show at West Newton, PA on Saturday and was amazing. It featured and amazing main event match between Sonjay Dutt and RWA World Champion Shane Andrews and was a fast-paced, action-packed main event that you would come to expect when it comes from those two. Also, Super Hentai and Bobby Shields defeated Generation Dead (G-Raver and Gory). Expect that to come out on Sorgatron Media’s Digital Download soon.

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Around The Indys (5/9/16)


A round-up of what’s happening in independent professional wrestling. We want to know about your favorite local promotion. Send an email to [email protected], using the subject line “Around The Indys”.

EVOLVE held its “EVOLVE 61” event Saturday in Woodside, New York. In the main event, Johnny Gargano defeated Drew Galloway via disqualification.

Also, TJP defeated Fred Yehi and Drew Gulak defeated Tracy Williams to qualify for WWE NXT’s Global Cruiserweight Tournament. Continue reading Around The Indys (5/9/16)

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Around The Indys (12/28/15)


A round-up of what’s happening in independent professional wrestling. We want to know about your favorite local promotion. Send an email to [email protected], using the subject line “Around The Indys”.

Beyond Wrestling held its “Fete Finale” event Sunday in Providence, Rhode Island. In the main event, Chris Dickinson defeated Kimber Lee.

Continue reading Around The Indys (12/28/15)

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Around The Indys (12/1/15)


A round-up of what’s happening in independent professional wrestling. We want to know about your favorite local promotion. Send an email to [email protected], using the subject line “Around The Indys”.

Beyond Wrestling held its two-night “Tournament For Tomorrow” event in Providence, Rhode Island. First round matches in the singles and tag team tournaments were held Saturday. Also, Donovan Dijak defeated JT Dunn. The following day, Dijak defeated Chris Hero.

Continue reading Around The Indys (12/1/15)

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Around The Indys (11/2/15)


A round-up of what’s happening in independent professional wrestling. We want to know about your favorite local promotion. Send an email to [email protected], using the subject line “Around The Indys”.

Xtreme Wrestling Alliance held its “Wrestlution 15″ event Sunday in Providence, Rhode Island. In the main event, Antonio Atama won the XWA Heavyweight Title from Hanson.

Continue reading Around The Indys (11/2/15)