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Indy Mayhem Show 177: Jaxon Argos’ Agenda


We don’t normally preempt already scheduled interviews.  However, when someone shows up at the studio demanding air time and causing a public disturbance, it was either let him on air or call the police.  Suffice it to say we didn’t want to deal with the paperwork associated with arresting him.  So, Jaxon Argos made a rather abrupt appearance for this week’s Indy Mayhem episode.  You know what, we’re going to let Jaxon’s list speak for itself.

Agenda of Argos


For those who either don’t want to pull up the image or can’t read Argos’ writing, the “Agenda of Argos” includes:

Topics of Discussion:


  • Locked & Loaded
  • Maxwell Jacob Friedman
  • Josh Briggs
  • Mike Orlando
  • Myron Reed
  • Gory
  • Jimmy Vegas
  • Matt Conard
  • Andrew Palace *crossed out with notation in parentheses “not worth it”*
  • Bulk Nasty
  • The Mega Downers
  • Jimmy Shane
  • Justin Plummer
  • Chris LeRusso

To Do:

  • Laundry *checked*
  • Fill gas tank
  • Practice springboard
  • Clean gear *checked*

Daily Reminder:

  • You are beautiful, strong, and handsome.  Do not listen to Lance.


Share your feelings on indy wrestling and tell us who we should talk to on the show via e-mail at [email protected]

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Around the Indys: Double Dare!

Adobe Spark

Ladies and gentlemen!


Welcome to another fantastic edition of another fantastic week of fantastic independent professional wrestling. It is time to take the sweet, sweet trip around Bobby Fishland to The Big Guy Hotel crossing RJ City and right into Around the Indys!


First, let’s hit Ohio, shall we? No, not physically. However, Absolute Intense Wrestling had their 2-Day Star-Studded Tag Team Tournament last Saturday with a Who’s Who list of individuals. To Infinity And Beyond (Cheech and Colin Delaney), The Jolleyville Fuck-Its (Russ Myers and T-Money), Twrrk Team (Marti Belle and Ray Lyn), Weird World (Alex Kellar and Evan Adams), Massage NV (Dorian Graves and VSK), Matt Riddle and Tracy Williams, EYFBO (Angel Ortiz and Mike Draztik), Brian Carson and Dr. Daniel C. Rockingham, Team IOU (Kerry Awful and Nick Iggy), Ninja Elite Squad (Facade and Flip Kendrick), Gringo Loco and Steve Pain, The Headhunters, Eric Ryan and Lucky 13, The Full Blooded Italians (Little Guido and Tracy Smothers), and FRIGGIN’ CRYME TYME! WOW! That’s a lot and that’s a lot to fit into two days of action, and they did.

The Winners of Double Dare became the holders of the Vacant AIW Tag Team titles and it came down to Gringo Loco and Steve Pain v. The Jollyville Fuck-Its with Loco and Pain taking the Double Dare crown AND the AIW Tag Team championship.

Let’s go east into Clearfield, PA where the International Wrestling Cartel had their annual Clearfield Carnage (Kinda glad it’s not called Cataclysm anymore) and it featured a main event for the IWC Super Indy title as Chris LeRusso successfully defended his title against IWC mainstay Gory.


Also, three Pittsburgh-area giants in IWC took home wins as Wardlow defeated Santana Diamonds, Bulk Nasty beat Matt Conard and Jimmy Vegas bested another pretty damn good young brawler, Shane InYaFace.


For ALL of your IWC needs, be sure to check out the entire section right here at IndyWrestling.US. Here you can find Clearfield Carnage, Clearfield Cataclysm, Caged Fury, Super Indy and EVERYTHING ELSE.



Let’s hit Chikara, shall we?! We shall! I love Chikara because, well, it’s an amazing company that EMBRACES social media (see: surprisingly putting their entire show on Facebook Live for everyone to see and Free Match Mondays) and on the 5th of November, Chikara had TWO events in ONE NIGHT! They’re insane over there at Chikara, I must say. Fighting ants, ,frogs, toilet demons, Nazmaldun, Chuck Taylor and Chuck Taylor…it’s crazy.


The day started off with Counting Backwards (which was live-streamed on Chikaratopia) and the main event that would sell out any indy arena, as Juan Francisco de Coronado upsetting the world against world traveler, Zach Sabre Jr with the Coronado Clutch in a 22-minute masterpiece. It made Joey Styles, someone who has been in this business even longer than I have, say THIS:

Also, Chuck Taylor and DUSTIN! (FNA Chuck Taylor) defeated The Closers (Caprice and Roland), the Sea Stars (Exo and Vox) and N_R_G (Jaxon and Rockwell) to gain THREE POINTS to challenge for the Championes de Parejas.


Hermit Crab came up a little bit short to gain the Young Lion’s Cup from the Estonian Thunderfrog and Drew Gulak defeated Lucas Calhoun only to have Gulak, The Legal Eagle himself, giving Calhoun one more chance, only to lose in 2 minutes to That Ol’ Juke Joint.


Then the very same night, another show happened in the same location. “Like Phantoms, Forever” took place and featured the Grand Champion of Chikara, Hallowicked, successfully defending his championship against Ophidian.


And Wani, one of my new favorite wrestlers, defeated Oleg The Usurper, The Ants and HeXed Men ended abruptly in a double DQ when Soldier Ant’s antenna and Frightmare’s mask ripped.


Also, Princess Kimber Lee defeated Max Smashmaster after a Superplex off the second rope and pins him with the Alligator clutch.


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Around The Indys (8/28/2016)


A round-up of what’s happening in independent professional wrestling. We want to know about your favorite local promotion. Send an email to [email protected], using the subject line “Around The Indys”.

Welcome back to the show that never ends! It’s time to travel all around those Indys! Let’s begin, shall we?

In North East Wrestling (NEW), they continued their Wrestling Under the Stars tour in Pittsfield, Mass. Jushin Thunder Liger and Mandy Leon were also teamed up (not sure who they fought, if you have any idea please leave a comment below or on Twitter). It also saw #BROKEN Matt Hardy defeat the Vinny Marseglia, Cody Rhodes defeating Mike Bennett, Jeff Hardy defeating Brian Anthony, and Jerry Lawler taking out “The Man Scout” Jake Manning.

In other NEW news, they had another Wrestling Under The Stars night and this time it happened in Wappingers Falls, New York the very next night. Featured a couple of dream matches that lived up to the hype with Matt Hardy (with Senor Benjamin and Reby Sky) defeating Sami Callihan, Jerry Lawler defeating The Brooklyn Brawler, and Jeff Hardy defeating Jushin Thunder Liger. And was main evented, MAIN EVENTED, by Cody Rhodes defeating Kurt Angle.


Absolute Intense Wrestling (AIW)  had their Against The World event in Cleveland, OH and had Raymond Rowe defeating Tommy End in an all out war. Sadly, Facade v. Teddy Hart ended tragically when Teddy suffered what is being called a broken ankle during the match. We wish him a speedy recovery.

It also featured a star-studded lineup, a who’s who of stars. Louis Lyndon defeating Shawn Shultz, Brittsburgh’s own Britt Baker defeating Crazy Mary Dobson, Eddie Kingston defeating Shigehiro Irie, BJ Whitmer over Jimmy Wang Yang (which I’m saddened to know that the Jimmy Wang Yang Party Bus was a state away and I wasn’t aware of it). Finally there were two successful title defenses as Alex Daniels defeated Laredo Kid, Matt Cross and Triton to defend his Intense Title and Josh Prohibition defeated Nate Webb to defend his AIW Absolute championship.

Beyond Wrestling (which, by the way, has an amazing name for a website) had one of the best names for an independent show in their “Battle of Who Could Care Less” which featured CWC’s own Drew Gulak opening up picking up a victory against Dave Cole.

In other matches, David Starr defeated Eddie Edwards, LuFisto defeated Alexxis, Jordynne Grace and Veda Scott. Jonathan Gresham defeated Tracy Wiliams and Donovan Dijak defeated Tommy End.

Finally, Renegade Wrestling Alliance had their Aggression show at West Newton, PA on Saturday and was amazing. It featured and amazing main event match between Sonjay Dutt and RWA World Champion Shane Andrews and was a fast-paced, action-packed main event that you would come to expect when it comes from those two. Also, Super Hentai and Bobby Shields defeated Generation Dead (G-Raver and Gory). Expect that to come out on Sorgatron Media’s Digital Download soon.

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Around The Indys (6/6/16)

Zandig Deathmatch - Around the Indys

A round-up of what’s happening in independent professional wrestling. We want to know about your favorite local promotion. Send an email to [email protected], using the subject line “Around The Indys”.

Game Changer Wrestling held its “Tournament Of Survival” event Sunday in Howell, New Jersey, and this happened.

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Around The Indys (2/15/16)


A round-up of what’s happening in independent professional wrestling. We want to know about your favorite local promotion. Send an email to [email protected], using the subject line “Around The Indys”.

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla held its “Bowie” event Friday night in Reseda, California. In the main event, Roderick Strong defended the PWG World Title against Drew Galloway. Also, Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Trevor Lee, Jack Evans defeated Sami Callihan and Chuck Taylor defeated Dalton Castle.

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Around The Indys (10/19/15)


A round-up of what’s happening in independent professional wrestling. We want to know about your favorite local promotion. Send an email to [email protected], using the subject line “Around The Indys”.

EVOLVE held two events over the weekend. In the main event at “EVOLVE 49″ Saturday night, Johnny Gargano defeated Ethan Page in an “I Quit” Match where Gargano’s career in WWN was on the line. Page may have lost, but he made one hell of an entrance. Continue reading Around The Indys (10/19/15)