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Around The Indys – IWC Reloaded,PWM Looks Like We Made It,C4 Fire Walk With Me


So, I partook in a month’s hiatus but, hey? It’s time to get back on my high horse and ride off into the new year with a new vigor, a new motivation and a new lease on life. Starting my first full year of being the writer of Around the Indy’s I have an obligation to show you The. Very. Best. professional wrestling that you may or may not have heard of. I mean, here you are…sitting there…waiting for me to show some flippy moves and some names that you don’t know so that you know and here I am just waiting for you. WAITING TO SHOW YOU THE GREATEST THAT WRESTLING HAS TO OFFER FOR THE WEEK!

…But first, I partook in a live event last Saturday night and, well, saw a grown man defend his International Wrestling Cartel (IWC) championship against a random opponent and was entertained to the brink when it turned out to be….T-Rex.

“Now, who the hell is T-Rex? Why the hell are you telling me this? I never heard of T-Rex, he seems like a douchebag.” Well, first off…I agree. I mean, the poor bastard didn’t even come out afterwards for an autograph signing or anything. Secondly, he was an actual T-Rex.

I friggin’ love wrestling.

Anyways, the first stop on my neverending trip is to the northern border (and, probably, not one that will be covered by a jumbo wall that we’re going to pay for) and to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in C4’s Twin Peaks inspired “Fire Walk With Me”.

This card was headlined by FOUR championship matches, FOUR!

Due to an injury to Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett had to pick a new partner and chose Lucha Underground’s own Jack Evans to defend their C4 Tag Team Championships against High ‘n Mighty (Johnathan Rukin and Velvet Jones). Honestly, I would love to see more of an Everett/Evans tag team…because those men have created a name for themselves of doing totally insane stuff in that ring.

C4 Wrestling’s Fire Walk With Me January 21st, 2017 EVIL UNO vs. VIKING #c4wrestling @c4wrestling

A photo posted by Evil Uno (@playeruno) on

And as you can see, Evil Uno walked away with the C4 Underground Championship in a bloody battle! I’ve always loved Super Smash Bros. and really enjoy the heel that Evil Uno has become and would really love to seem him in other places around the United States, because that’s a talent that we need more of. Especially this new…Evil…side of Uno.


In C4, the wXw Shotgun Championship was successfully defended by David Starr against Tyson Dux (two of the rising stars of 2017 and names that you should/will know) and, also, in the main event featured Mathieu St. Jacques and Joey Janela fight over the C4 championship, with MSJ coming out on top.


Side note: One of my resolutions is to get a passport JUST SO I CAN SEE CANADIAN WRESTLING. Is that wrong? That’s wrong, right? That’s wrong.

Anyways, let us go to the states! The good U.S. of A! Ol’ Glory n’ such! Oh shit, we’re going to New Jersey, aren’t we? You bet we are! Pro Wrestling Magic looked like it was magic as heck with their very musical Looks Like We Made It show (and they did, if they’re on Around the Indy’s).



One of the weirdest title names I’ve seen in wrestling, The Dark Arts Championship was successfully defended by Everett Cross in a Four Way which featured Sean Maluta, Pinkie Sanchez and (another name that you all should know) Lio Rush.


Also, the PMW Women’s championship was successfully defended by Sonya Strong against the equally-talented Thunder Rosa!


IT ALSO HAD A TITLE CHANGE! WOO! The PMW’s Championship changed hands from Ricky Martinez to EC Negro! It was so good that it helped EC Negro become Indy Power Ranking’s People’s Champion. So congrats FOR UNLOCKING THE KEYS TO THE KINGDOM! (No, seriously, he unlocked a box and became champion. Cool things are happening there).


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A round-up of what’s happening in independent professional wrestling. We want to know about your favorite local promotion. Send an email to [email protected], using the subject line “Around The Indys”.

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