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Indy Mayhem Show 177: Jaxon Argos’ Agenda


We don’t normally preempt already scheduled interviews.  However, when someone shows up at the studio demanding air time and causing a public disturbance, it was either let him on air or call the police.  Suffice it to say we didn’t want to deal with the paperwork associated with arresting him.  So, Jaxon Argos made a rather abrupt appearance for this week’s Indy Mayhem episode.  You know what, we’re going to let Jaxon’s list speak for itself.

Agenda of Argos


For those who either don’t want to pull up the image or can’t read Argos’ writing, the “Agenda of Argos” includes:

Topics of Discussion:


  • Locked & Loaded
  • Maxwell Jacob Friedman
  • Josh Briggs
  • Mike Orlando
  • Myron Reed
  • Gory
  • Jimmy Vegas
  • Matt Conard
  • Andrew Palace *crossed out with notation in parentheses “not worth it”*
  • Bulk Nasty
  • The Mega Downers
  • Jimmy Shane
  • Justin Plummer
  • Chris LeRusso

To Do:

  • Laundry *checked*
  • Fill gas tank
  • Practice springboard
  • Clean gear *checked*

Daily Reminder:

  • You are beautiful, strong, and handsome.  Do not listen to Lance.


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Around The Indys: IWC Women’s Champion, Chopped In Half, Joey Janela and WHY AREN’T YOU WATCHING ETHAN PAGE?


Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome back to the greatest thing to ever happen to me this week! It’s time to hit on a few interesting spots AROUND The Indys!


First let us say something that none of us has actually said out loud in public: Let’s begin in New Jersey, shall we? Pro Wrestling Explosion had their 2016 Will Be Chopped In Half event featured the young and talented stars of Chikara and featured two of the most talented and dedicated athletes that I’ve seen come out of the indy circuit, as Delirious defeated Sonjay Dutt.

Also in a pretty awesome sounding match, we had the Ecuadorian Aristocrat (And one of the brightest stars in the future of professional wrestling that you probably have heard me talk about on numerous occasions) Juan Francisco de Coranado defeat The King of Dong Style himself, Joey Ryan.

And speaking of getting “Chopped Up”, CZW CAGE OF DEATH 18 (Wow, they had 18 Cage of Deaths already? Damn).

In CZW’s biggest event of the year there were a total of THREE title changes all in one night. Holy balls! That’s insane by itself and should be an amazing show just by the title changes alone. Add the fact that there was a Cage of Death match and, by golly, you have yourself an amazing match.

The Tag Titles changed TWICE as Scarlet and Graves (Dezmond Xavier and Zachary Wentz) defeated EYFBO (Angel Ortiz and Mike Draztik) who the match before defeated Da Hit Squad (Dan Maff and Monsta Mack) confused yet? Me neither. It sounds awesome. All six men are amazing talents, that’s for sure.

And also, the CZW Heavyweight Champion, Jonathan Gresham, lost his title in a match against Joe Gacy. Also, the main event was the before mentioned Cage of Death 8-Man Tag Match which featured Dale Patricks, Devon Moore, Drew Blood (Which sounds like a name that belongs in CZW) and Josh Crane defeating Conor Claxton, Jeff Cannonball, Matt Tremont and Joey Janela.

And it seems like Joey Janela took the brunt of EVERYTHING that came with the Cage of Death. After the match, he had to have emergency surgery the next day and missed an indy booking. But it does look like he’s getting somewhat better, as he IS wrestling his ass off wherever the heck he goes.

On the same night, EVOLVE taped a show on FloSlam and it featured a card that any promotion (indy or big show) would die for. Honestly, EVOLVE has one of the best lineups and rosters in all of indy wrestling. Period. End of story. For instance, Drew Galak defeated Jaka in Drew’s swan song to the EVOLVE faithful. DUSTIN! (not to be confused with Chuck Taylor(TM)) defeated Chris Dickinson, Cody (I guess we’re just going to call Cody Rhodes Cody from now on because, hey, first name things are all the rage…I guess…right?) defeated Ethan Page (someone who if you haven’t seen wrestle, let me be the first to say GO SEE THIS DUDE WRESTLE! FIND HIM! HE’S CANADIAN! HE’S NOT THAT HARD TO FIND! DO IT!…he’s also pretty good on Twitter…I guess?).


And in the main event for the first FloSlam televised (?) event, Dick Togo and Chris Hero just beat the hell out of each other for a long, long, long time…As it should be. I heard Togo made Hero blow chunks numerous times and I saw a gif of this amazing thing that happened and was immediately drawn to both competitors and want to watch this match from beginning to end.

Speaking of the end, Dick Togo beat Chris Hero ending the first ever Evolve show for FloSlam.

FINALLY! Let’s go local, shall we?

The International Wrestling Cartel held their Winner Take All event last Saturday night and, of course, it was a star-studded event for the IWC’s last show of 2016.

I’m sure you’ve heard they hired a new ring announcer.

In that very same match, Chris LeRusso successfully defended his IWC Super Indy Championship against Sam Adonis.

Also, the IWC World Heavyweight Championship was vacated by former champion DJZ and, thus, a new champion had to be crowned (it WAS called “Winner Takes All”, anyways) so it was Wardlow (after, also, defeating Jimmy Vega$ earlier in the night), taking the title away from RJ City (ask him about 1980s spin-off shows).

AND HISTORY WAS MADE IN IWC…I, for one, am happier than a clam to see women’s wrestling begin to flourish in Pittsburgh. I was a fan of IWC from 2006, and saw Sumie Sakai and Daizee Haze wrestle in one of the very first matches in my IWC (and Indy) watching career so to see the IWC create the IWC Women’s Championship in honor of all of those women who wrestled and who will wrestle in IWC really was a sight to see and to have Brit Baker be the inaugural champion was pretty damn sweet, too.