PRIME Cuts: Johnny Gargano - A Coming Of Age (Part 1)

Duration: 3 hours 53 minutes | Availability: Worldwide

1. Johnny Gargano vs. M-Dogg Matt Cross (in both their first meeting and their wild No Disqualification rematch!)

2. No Disqualification: Johnny Gargano vs. Josh Prohibition

3. Last Man Standing Match: Johnny Gargano vs. Gregory Iron

4. Johnny Gargano vs. Colin Delaney (w/Sassy Steph)

5. Johnny Gargano & Josh Prohibition vs. The Olsen Twins (w/Sassy Steph)

6. Johnny Gargano & Josh Prohibition (w/Ashley Lane aka Madison Rayne) vs. Marion Fontaine & Josh Abercrombie

7. Johnny Gargano vs. Marion Fontaine

8. Johnny Gargano vs. N8 Mattson

9. Johnny Gargano vs. Mike Tolar

PLUS: Johnny Gargano’s violent and uncomfortable attack of Gregory Iron, including Johnny’s physical altercation with Michael Hutter (aka Ethan Carter III), special video packages, and much more!