So I’ve checked out the first episodes of Duke & Doe’s Hardcore Memories & I absolutely love it! I’ve often thought of how cool it’d be for wrestlers in the area to host cool shows like this & they definitely picked 2 great hosts to start it off with.
— @TruePrinceOfPro (via Twitter)

The Idea

Working in indy wrestling for as long as we have, we are still blown away by the number of indy wrestling fans we hear from each day. Why not have a place where indy wrestling is featured from coast to coast? That’s what we’re looking to do with Indy Wrestling US - represent indy wrestling across the US.


Some fans like their indy wrestling live at shows. Others like to see it on their own terms. There are some fans who like to have that physical video product in their hands. We offer a way for all indy wrestling fans to consume content the way they want - at live shows, digital download, video on demand, DVD or Blu-Ray.

100% Fans

We do what we do - because we are wrestling fans.

We started with our butts in the seats at local shows. We still go to indy wrestling shows when we aren’t handling production. We present content the way we would want to have access to it. It’s an evolving process, but we do it because we love it.