Outbreak 2019

Duration: 2 hours 28 minutes

Availability: Worldwide

Premier Championship: Gory vs. Atticus Cogar
Dave Kich vs. Nick Lendl
Welterweight Championship (Title Can Change Hands Via DQ Or Count-Out): Dylan Bostic vs. Nate Wings
Six-Way Championship Contender’s Scramble (Winner Gets Title Shot Of Their Choice, Whenever They Want It With Prior Notice): Andrew Palace vs. Sonny Defarge vs. Cisco Silver vs. Bret Havoc vs. Malcolm Monroe III vs. Calvin Couture
Ace Perry vs. Ophidian
Miss Hannah vs. Zoey Skye
Tony Johnson vs. Remy LaVey
System Elite (Ty Cross & Edric Everhart) vs. The Commission (Lexx Vegas & Jaxon Kade)
Laura Loveless vs. Londyn Ali